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Let’s start with an example

This blog is designed to offload my feelings about what is happening in the world, the news, common law, celebrity and particularly the disgusting paedophiles – especially those who seem to be exempt from prosecution. I really haven’t known when to start or what with, so to highlight the ridiculous rulings of some courts, let’s start with this little snippet that I stumbled across today on the CourtNewsUK website (they are interesting to follow on Twitter too, by the way!).

June 05, 2014




KINGSTON, SURREY A retired accountant who hoarded indecent images of children and animals was spared jail after a judge said there was no evidence he had ever indulged in any of his fantasies. Gerald Vaughan, 71, secretary of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists until 1999, collected 1,248 pictures and 364 movies of extreme pornography. Life-long bachelor Vaughan also downloaded 67 images of child porn and distributed 13 indecent photographs. One of the images appears to show a baby being abused while the rest of the children are aged from around seven to 16.

February 19, 2014


KINGSTON UPON THAMES, SURREY The former secretary of the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists appeared in court today (Weds) charged with possessing thousands of indecent images of children and animals. Gerald Anthony Vaughan, 70, who left the prestigious role in 1999, allegedly hoarded 2464 images showing sex acts involving animals. Vaughan, who is facing a raft of allegations, is also accused of making 65 indecent images of children and of distributing 20 indecent photographs. ‘Mr Vaughan’s address was searched by the police, said Lorna Vincent, prosecuting.

The fact he never ‘indulged’ in his fantasies is completely irrelevant to the case.  Every picture downloaded, distributed or leered over is provided by supply and demand.  Somewhere a child is abused for people like this monster’s pleasure.  (In this case, a baby).  Not only have they been abused, by their privacy has been abused in the most terrible way. Every picture this man then shared, has been shared by others.  The judge’s comments and ruling is unacceptable and the police must feel frustrated that the courts still take this sort of stance in 2014!  Interestingly, Google searches come up with nothing for this man and I can’t recall ever seeing information about the trial in the press (local or national).  As to whether he indulged or not, how would the judge know whether this man has or has not ever abused a child?

Well here he is for all to see. It’s time the British justice system took a proper stance over this sort of crime and dealt with them consistently. It would be intriguing to know the name of the judge who presided over the case as I feel it is important to expose such awful failings in the system at a time when survivors voices are starting to be heard.

It’s time the system protected all victims, not perpetrators of such heinous crimes – I don’t care who they are and how high up the food chain they appear to be!

God bless all survivors. x


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