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Greville Janner, the Slippery Eel

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Breaking news just now is that we finally have confirmation that the Crown Prosecution Service has announced Greville Janner will face no charges of historic child sex abuse.

Alison Saunders (Director of Public Prosecutions):

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has stated that if it wasn’t for the medical ‘evidence’ he would be prosecuted but he is too ill and poses no risk in the future.  Firstly, the latter part makes me angry because his victims of the past deserve justice.  His prosecution could not include supposition – he would have been tried on facts and evidence. This is the man named on the supposed Elm Guest House list and whose name has a string of decades old allegations that have been swept under the carpet time and again.  A snippet of this can be found here:

but a simple search on the internet will bring up far more allegations.

If the CPS are claiming that it would not be in the public interest to charge Janner because of his age and dementia why, then, is he signing in at the House of Commons every day to claim his £300 daily allowance?  If he’s capable of work and voting on legislation that affects the entire country, he is capable of answering questions in a court of law!

Law? Pah!  The CPS seems selective about who gets prosecuted and who doesn’t.  We only have to look at the Leon Brittan debacle to see that!  The man who they were just about to question when, whoopsie! he dies.  *Cue the audible sighs of relief from half of the House of Commons*.

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The infuriating latest cover up has led me to highlight some examples of the inconsistency shown by the CPS when prosecuting elderly suspects and I have put together a brief list of people who were finally taken to court after years of evading justice but who weren’t protected by the system like Janner, Brittan et al:

John Dearlove, 80, diabetic and stroke victim:

Reginald Davies, 78, extradited from Australia to face charges:

Jack Mount, 95:

Former policeman, Griffith Barker, 79:

Stuart Hall, BBC presenter, 84 with a heart condition prosecuted: – stripped of his OBE upon prosecution:

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So let’s have a look at some cases that failed to materialise due to ‘age’ or ‘health’, ‘death’ or power:

Winton House, Winchester – a care home for boys aged between 11 and 16.  5 former staff members had charges dropped by CPS:

‘Unable to be named’ senior politician in Ireland not be charged?

And of course, that fat, evil monster of a man, Cyril Smith:

And let’s not forget that evil necrophiliac predatory paedophile and all-round procurer for the elite, ‘Sir’ Jimmy Savile who, after death, was exposed as the UK’s worst predator.

So, CPS, it’s time you decided which way the land lies and begin a consistent way of prosecuting those accused of the most heinous of crimes against children. Stop wasting police time and public money on investigations that should be heard in a court of law by dismissing them with ridiculous excuses.  It’s an insult to the public’s intelligence and the victims deserve better.

As for Janner, he needs to be stripped of his peerage and we need to stop paying his wages.  I hope there is enough public pressure to force a review in to the decision not to prosecute him.  If there is one good thing that comes out of this, it’s that it is headline news and everyone knows he is a disgusting paedophile who damaged lives and evaded justice. AGAIN!

I’ve never liked eels anyway, the slimy, wriggly creatures.



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