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Foul From Top To Toe

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Katie Hopkins, that vile being in human form who loves nothing more than controversy.  The woman who professes to “say it like it is” and who “says what everyone is thinking” or the ultimate “talking on behalf of my people”.  The woman with an army of loyal followers who like her outspoken ways.

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The woman has no discernible talents.  Nothing.  There’s not one positive thing that shines from her.  Her fame and fortune is built on intolerance and ridicule of others.

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Hopkins never really featured on my radar.  I never watched her in The Apprentice simply because I despise the type of person who applies to be a contestant on a programme whose premise is that you have to be the biggest egotistical twat to win.  Then, to my detriment, I decided to indulge in Celebrity Big Brother this year.  What a mistake-a to make-a!;  From the moment she entered the house to the moment she left and beyond, she was abhorrent.  She was snidey, rude, overly competitive, a bully and dressed her opinions up as “freedom of speech”. She loved to antagonise others and snipe behind their backs and particularly enjoyed hunting down the weaker of the group.  I learnt that she finger-pointed and judged at every element of society – ginger-haired people, Scottish, obese, kids with alternative names, their parents.  In fact, I didn’t think there was any element of society she hadn’t upset…. until this weekend.

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Yes, this weekend The Sun newspaper published her column in which she referred to migrants as “cockroaches” and went on to explain her lack of sympathy towards those who meet their demise during perilous journeys in their desperate attempt to reach safety and freedom with the words:

“NO.  I don’t care.  Show me pictures of coffins, show me bodies floating in water,

play violins and show me skinny people looking sad.  

I still don’t care”.

She also stated that rather than send rescue boats, she would send gun boats, or burn every boat in North Africa.

It was staggering in it’s offensiveness.  The woman has scant regard for anyone other than herself.  From the person who takes that journey because the risk outweighs the alternative of staying behind and suffering, to the people who fish bodies out of the water or the families left behind to mourn the loss of their loved one – people suffer.  Just because that person is of a different race.  Just because that person is not from these shores.  Just because that person isn’t up to Hopkins’ exacting standards, she fails to see that they too are parents, a mother, brother, sister, daughter, son – a teacher, a taxi driver, a farmer, an artist, a doctor…. whatever.  The fact is, that these people lead lives not completely dissimilar to our own in many cases, but oppression, civil war, all manner of different circumstances changes their lives and makes them so intolerable that they have no option but to seek refuge elsewhere.

Then overnight things changed.  700 immigrants are feared to have died whilst attempting to cross the Mediterranean. Just 24 people have survived.  The sea did not discriminate – it claimed any gender, any age – and now the search is on to find those bodies.  But Hopkins won’t care.  “Show me the coffins!” she proclaimed in her column.  “Show me the bodies floating in the water!”.  Suddenly her words took on a whole new meaning.  Suddenly a lot of people who accepted her vitriol in the past realised that her words were no longer acceptable.  The timing of this tragedy (within hours of the column being published), illustrated the hate she displays.

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The public began to cry out for The Sun to explain why it published such disgusting views.  They suddenly went quiet.  Hopkins, on the other hand, didn’t take kindly to criticism (as she never does) and responded with a tweet:

“Opinions are not right or wrong.  This is not an exam.  You are not the invigilator”.

No, society is not but it has standards slightly more exacting than your own.  They know what is socially acceptable.  They see human beings for what they are – flesh and blood.  They see that there IS right and wrong and you, Hopkins, are so very wrong.  Wretched and wrong.

It didn’t seem to bother LBC radio though, who went ahead with her guest stand-in slot on Sunday morning.  I’m unsure whether this makes LBC worse than The Sun or not.  It comes down to the gift of hindsight – something LBC had.  The Sun, on the other hand, could not foresee the tragedy that would unfold within hours of the column being published.  That said, the contents of the column were so abhorrent, that it never should have passed editorial stages anyway.

During her radio slot a lady called in to take Hopkins to task over her comments.  She was eventually shut down with the words “you are boring me now” when Hopkins knew that she could no longer justify her own comments.   Later on that day she attempted to revel in glory by alleging that the caller could have been the former MP, Diane Abbott.  It wasn’t.  Despite what Hopkins thinks, there are more than just a few people who despise her – there are many!

The mouth of Hopkins seems to have slammed shut all of a sudden.  Nothing has been forthcoming from her.  The world of social media is awash with disgust towards her.  She has become a social pariah.  The typical hot potato that finally no one wishes to hold.  The fart in a packed-out, broken down lift.  No amount of exclamations of “free speech” can disguise the fact that she has finally been exposed as the racist that I could see all those months ago during her stint in Big Brother.  Her views are not that of the public – most people have compassion.

No one else is allowed to spread hatred and it’s time Hopkins was stopped.  Rules must be consistent and there is no place in society for that sort of evil claptrap to be publicised.  It encourages intolerance and is the sort of propaganda seen in Nazi Germany.  Thank goodness for people power!  Someone began a petition on and it is almost to the 200k mark as I write this.

I feel sorry for her children.  Sorry that they will always have this despot for a mother with her control over their friendships and judgement over their lives.  No one will ever come up to Hopkins’ exacting standards – not even Hopkins’ herself.    What happened in her life that turned her in to such a vile cow?  I don’t know.  But by being lauded by society for “saying what others think”, a monster has been created.  She revelled in the attention.  Basked in the glory of fame.  Thought she was funny.  Loved her hangers-on and followers and those that constantly told her how wonderful she was.  For every comment such as that, more vitriol would dribble from her mouth.

Not any more.  I hope you will always be a social pariah.  I hope you come up against the very hatred you spout.  Only then will you learn humility and realise how it feels to be such an outcast that you’re unwanted – just like a cockroach.

The woman is toxic.  A shapeshifter who has addled some brains in to thinking that her repugnant views are normal.  A staunch Tory supporter who proclaimed that she’d leave Britain if Labour got in to power.  After this weekend, I think she may have just won Ed Milliband the General Election.

Don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out…..


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