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General Election 2015 – A BRIGHTER FUTURE?

Infuriated.  Despondent.  Sad.  Worried.  Scared.  Unhappy.  Stunned.  Angry.  Frustrated.  Robbed.  Incredulous.

All these words describe how I (and many others), feel right now about the result of the 2015 General Election and the Tories not only winning, but by doing so with an overall majority, just to stick that knife in the back of the nation and twist it.  Why did this happen?  How did this happen?  I just don’t know.

So here’s my idiot’s guide to the first day of the new Tory government and the stuff the state controlled media (ie, BBC) and Murdoch-controlled media won’t tell you:

DAY ONE… And Sam Cam has been showing off her expensive clothes by changing more times than the pre-election polls.

First intended victims of her husband’s government? May as well go straight for the jugular and aim for the disabled of course, and a disability work scheme that they propose to scrap whilst they bleat on in the mainstream media about how they want people off benefits and back in to work whilst taking away the very opportunity for some to be able to do so before then stigmatising them.

Meanwhile, back at number 10, and the coke-addled Osborne has been given the archaic title of “First Secretary of State” just so everyone else knows their place and he can be chief dealer whilst implementing the further austerity measures (ie, keep siphoning off the money they are creating through Quantatitive Easing to make it look like the country doesn’t have any – which it doesn’t because they are sending it to the Cayman Islands via their boiler room businesses instead of investing in the NHS).

Theresa May is back in charge of covering up child abuse that isn’t historic despite what the government-controlled mainstream media want you to believe.  I assume she will be spending the weekend writing up a list of excuses for delaying the inquiry that is headed by someone who claims to not be part of the establishment, despite being part of the establishment, whilst Lord Janner and the rest of his ilk will be breathing a huge sigh of relief and having one of their secret parties.  Probably.

And if all that wasn’t enough – it also means Katie Hopkins won’t emigrate.

So, that’s the progressive and brighter future the greedy people are claiming to have achieved by today’s result and that’s just day one!

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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