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Dickens, Dossiers, Parties & MPs


Cabinet – 1983

In the 1980s Margaret THATCHER’S government was handed at least three dossiers expressing concern and detailing information and proof that members of the Conservative party were abusing children.  We now know that these dossiers were never acted on and went AWOL.


Thatcher & Gilberthorpe

  1. Dossier 1: This dossier was created by Geoffrey Dickens MP, who wrote to Mrs Thatcher on the subject of child abuse a number of times.  There are also records showing he met with Leon BRITTAN to discuss the issue too.  It contained 16 names (not all well known names).
  2. Dossier 2: This dossier was created by two members of the Conservative Monday Club – Cdr Anthony COURTNEY and Sir Victor RAIKES.  This dossier was handed over to Leon BRITTAN during a meeting also attended by David MELLOR(although this particular meeting seemed to have escaped his memory).  The dossier was created following a split in the Monday Club, when two members decided to collate dirt on others.  The dossier disappeared in to the ether until last year (2015) John MANN, Labour MP for Bassetlaw, acquired a copy and described some of the names involved in abuse as “jaw-dropping”, and confirmed it included 16 live people named within it.
  3. Dossier 3: This dossier was created by Anthony GILBERTHORPE and sent to Margaret THATCHER in 1989.  In it, GILBERTHORPE stated that in 1983 he was asked to find boys at the Blackpool Conservative Party conference by Dr Alistair SMITH (Tory Chairman for Scotland).  Three of the MPs concerned were Keith JOSEPH, Rhodes BOYSON, Alistair SMITH and Michael HAVERS*.  Those involved in this sordid nightly entertainment were said to have the Oscar symbol on their conference passes.  In 1981 in Blackpool he witnessed boys of 15/16 performing sex acts on MPs.  In 1983 he was given £120 by Alistair SMITH to acquire “entertainment”, and in 1989 in Brighton (the year the IRA planted a bomb in the hotel) there was a sex party the night before the bomb went off.  Needless to say, the MP with memory loss – David MELLOR – called Gilberthorpe’s claims as “tittle-tattle”.


Geoffrey Dickens

1984 Party

In a documentary found on YouTube about the Brighton bombing there is an interesting insight into the nightlife of the Tories.

In his suite, Alistair MCALPINE was hosting one of his legendary parties and the drinks were flowing.

AM: “I used to give parties.  People came and went – cabinet ministers, even the press.  That particular night we’d had a very good party and I remembered Norman Tebbit and wife were there”.

NT: “These parties were famous and everyone wanted to be there.  They were always very jolly ocassions, with enough to eat and drink.  Wonderful things – there should be a party every night like Alistairs'”.

AM: “The party ended 2.30/3am.  I was walking along the landing and I met Tony BERRY.  We had a conversation for about 15 minutes and I said ‘goodnight’.  He went in to his room, I was tired and thought ‘oh, I’ll go to bed’.

I’m not claiming anything untoward happened at this party – I wasn’t there – but I’m using it as an example to maintain my stance that I believe the press saw and knew a lot more than they’ve ever let on.


Havers, who Gilberthorpe claimed was one of the MPs involved, has a number of interesting connections:

  • He worked for Edward Heath (who is currently being investigated over claims of child sexual abuse and worse);
  • He was MP for Wimbledon from 1974-1987, which is a stone’s throw from both Barnes (Elm Guest House) and Putney (Vishal Mehrotra, David Mellor);
  • He was Attorney-General for England, Wales and Northern Ireland from 1979-1987;
  • He became Lord Chancellor;
  • He made derogatory comments about prostitutes at the start of the trial of Peter Sutcliffe – the Yorkshire Ripper;
  • He was involved in two of the biggest miscarriages of justice in UK courts;
  • Last but by no means least – he was the brother of one of the initial chairs of the IICSA inquirty – Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss – which, after a public outcry, caused her to stand down from the role.  She was neither independant, nor the best person to investigate claims against MPs due to conflicts of interest.



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