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Historical News – Richmond upon Thames


The 11 year old “temptress” of Mortlake, 1979

I found this news article reported in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune from 27th September 1979.  It’s a simple, straightforward case of failings by Richmond’s social services department at a time when they were open to much scrutiny.  However, comments made by the Judge – Lord Justice Shaw – are so utterly gobsmacking, inappropriate and shocking, that I felt compelled to share it.


LONDON – A schoolgirl, described as “an 11-year old nymphomaniac” followed a shy Irish bus conductor home from work and got into bed with him because she had a weakness for men in uniform.

The 29-year-old conductor, who had had sex only one previously, was freed in the Appeal Court from a jail sentence.  Lord Justice Shaw said he was “no match for the young temptress”, who had been seduced herself by a foster parent at the age of eight.

He added “To describe this girl as a victim of the lusts of this man so as to make him an offender seems really to make a travesty of the real situation”.

Adrian Mellett of Mortlake was freed from a 12 month jail sentence, imposed at the Old Bailey in June for having unlawful sex with the girl.  The appeal judges substituted a conditional discharge for a year.

Although the girl was so young, observed Lord Justice Shaw, it was a case in which the bus conductor needed “protection” and not her.

After meeting Mellett on his bus, the girl waited until he finished his duties and followed him home.  She then undressed and got into his bed.

She had already been corrupted by her squalid experiences in the past and could not have been further harmed by Mellett, said the judge.  The girl was said to have had 12 lovers.

Outside the court Mellett said that in prison he had read press reports of the Labour government-sponsored report recommending that the age of consent law forbidding youngsters unde the age of 16 to have sexual relations should be repealed.

“I would not bring it down” said Mellett.  “It isn’t giving a chance to a girl”.

“Girls don’t respect themselves at that age.  I would even raise the age of consent and the age of consent to marry”.

Mellett, a Roman Catholic born in Ireland, said “I had a religious upbringing and I was always taught that sex before marriage was wrong”.


So an 11 year old child is a young temptress – a nyphomaniac – who had 12 “lovers”, a weakness for men in uniform and who couldn’t be harmed anyway because of the abuse she had previously endured at the hands of her foster parent when just 8 years old!

And Mellett, despite proclaiming that his upbringing instilled the belief that sex before marriage was wrong, helped himself anyway.

The whole case epitomises the experiences recounted by many survivors in the way the ‘justice’ system looked upon them.

Sir Sebang Shaw

NPG x165712; Sir Sebag Shaw by Godfrey Argent
by Godfrey Argent, bromide print on card mount, 15 September 1970

From Wikipedia:

Sebag Shaw

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Sir Sebag Shaw PC (1902–1982) was a British barrister and judge.

Shaw served from 1958 to 1968 as Honorary Recorder of Ipswich, succeeding Sir Stephen Gerald Howard, QC, MP (1947–1958). Shaw was succeeded by the Hon. William McLaren Howard, QC.

Notable cases

In 1955 Shaw was junior counsel to Aubrey Melford Stevenson for the defence in the trial of Ruth Ellis; she was the last woman hanged in the United Kingdom.[1]

Further career

He was appointed a High Court judge and promoted to be a Lord Justice of Appeal in 1975. He chaired the JUSTICE Annual members conference in 1973.


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