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THE SOHO CONNECTIONS: A-Z of Clubs, Pubs & other


I am starting to compile a simple list of clubs and pubs in London’s West End.  This includes an address/area (if known), the decade(s) and any comments as well as a key.  I have also added a small list of notable clientele who frequented the clubs.

There will, without doubt, be errors so please forward any corrections or omissions as I would prefer an accurate record.  This will be kept updated when I come across any further information during my research.  (Last updated: 26 March 2018)



M = Members Club   E = Escort Club  D = Dilly boys   S = Striptease   R = Rent Boys   G = Gay bar  UC = Under same management control

  • (The) 100 Club, 100 Oxford Street – 1960s (formerly The Feldman Swing Club, The London Jazz Club, The Humphrey Lyttelton Club & Jazz Shows Jazz Club)
  • 150 Club, Earls Court Road – 1960s (aka Rachman’s Club) – owned by Peter Rachman, ran by Sergiusz Paplinski.
  • 2i’s Coffee Bar, (basement) 59 Old Compton Street – Owned by two Australians: Paul Lincoln (aka Doctor Death) & Ray Hunton – M R
  • 21 Club, 1960s – Run by: Harry Meadows & Billy Hill
  • 41 Club, Dean Street – 1960s – Doorman: William Douglas.
  • 51 Club, Great Newport Street – 1950s
  • 66 Club, Islington – 1950s
  • A&B Club, 29 Wardour Street, Soho – D
  • Ad Lib Club, top floor, Prince Charles Theatre, 7 Leicester Place – 1960s
  • (The) Alibi Club – 1950s – G R
  • Alphabet Club, Gerrard Street, Soho – 1960s
  • Apollo, 3 Wardour Street, Soho – D
  • Arena, Villiers Street – 1960s – R
  • Army & Navy Club, Piccadilly – 1950s
  • Arts & Battledress, Rupert Street – 1970s – M D
  • Astor Club, Berkeley Square – 1950s – Owner: Bertie Green
  • AthanaeumM
  • Bag O’Nails (aka ‘The Bag), 8-9 Kingly Street – 1960s – Owners: Rik & John Gunnell
  • Bang Disco
  • (The) Bamboo – 1960s
  • Bar-B-Q Snack Bar, Frith Street – 1970s – R
  • Bar Italia, 22 Frith Street – 1940s – Owners: Lou & Caterina Polledri
  • Benjie’s, Ham Yard off Great Windmill Street – makeshift coffee stall – D
  • Biddy Mulligans – pub, Kilburn
  • Bill’s Snack Bar, Bouchier Street – 1970s – R
  • Biograph, Wilton Place, Victoria – 1960s – D
  • Black & White Milk Bar, off Wardour Street
  • (The) Black Cat, Old Compton Street, Soho
  • Blue Gardenia Club, 20 St Anne’s Court – 1960s – Manager: Brian Casser
  • Blue Heaven Club, Ham Yard – 1950s – Owner: Cy Laurie
  • Bobby’s Bar, Greek Street, Soho –
  • Boeuf a’ L’Etoile, Piccadilly – M R
  • Bunjie’s Coffee House, 27 Lichfield Street – D R
  • Busby’s Heaven – Bang Disco
  • (The) Bus Stop – 1960s – Run by: Tony Mella
  • Cabinet Club, Gerrard Street, Soho – R
  • Cameo, Leicester Square – 1960s – R
  • Carousel Club, Panton Street then moved to Orange Street – Run by: ‘Lennie’ – M R
  • (The) Casino – 1950s – G
  • (The) Cat’s Whisker – 1950s – Owner: Peter Evans
  • (The) Celebrity – 1960s
  • Chaguaramas Club, 41-45 Neal Street – 1970s – Owner: Ian Vella – D
  • Chas McDevitt’s Freight Train – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Chelic, Great Windmill Street, Soho – R
  • Chequers, Walthamstow – Run By: Charlie Hobbs (ex-policeman)
  • Churchills, 160 New Bond Street – 1960s – Directors: Harry & Andrew Meadows, Bruce Brace & Billy Howard, Licencee: Leslie Botibol – E
  • Club Eleven, 41 Great Windmill Street – 1948-1950 (then moved to 50 Carnaby Street)
  • Club St Germain, Poland Street, Soho – 1960s
  • Coco’s, Goodge Street – 1960s
  • Coffee Ann, Whitcombe Street – Owner: Dougie Cummings – Run by: ‘Weedo’ – 1950s
  • (The) Coffee Pot, Wardour Street – R
  • (The) Colombian, illegal drinking club, Soho. Arson attack by John Thompson, 1981.
  • (The) Colony Room (aka Muriel’s), 31 Dean Street – 1960s – Owner: Muriel Belcher (followed by Ian Board, Michael Wojas & Dick Bradsell) – M
  • (The) Compton Cinema Club, 56 Old Compton Street – 1960s – Owners: Tony Tenser & Michael Klinger – M E
  • (The) Connolly Club – 1960s
  • (The) Coronet Club, Soho – Owner: Alfred Gaul
  • (The) Cromwellian Club, Cromwell Road, South Kensington – Owner: Tony Mitchell
  • (The) Cue, Praed Stret, Paddington – 1960s – Owner: Count Suckle (later became ‘Q’ Club)
  • Cupid, Leicester Square – 1960s – R
  • Danny La Rue’s, Hanover Street – 1960s
  • Dauphin Club, George Street, Mayfair – 1970s
  • (The) Daybreak Club, 44 Gerrard Street, Soho – 1950s
  • Directors Club, Drummond Street, Soho – 1970s
  • Don Juan Casanova, Owner: Rico
  • Double R Club, Bow Road – 1960s – Owners: Ronnie & Reggie Kray
  • Red Room, Panton Street, Piccadilly – Owner: Don Sparks – M R
  • Eagle Pub, Berwick Street – R
  • El Condor Club, 17 Wardour Street – 1950s (Later La Discotheque) – Owner: Peter Rachman – Manager: Raymond Nash
  • El Paradiso Club, Soho – Owner: Bernard Silver – 1970s. S
  • El Sombrero – 1960s
  • El Toro – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Eros Cinema, Piccadilly – 1960s – D R
  • Establishment Club, Soho – 1960s UC
  • (The) Feldman Swing Club, 100 Oxford Street – 1940s  (see The 100 Club)
  • Festival Club, 2 Brydges Place – Manager: Ted Rogers – M R
  • Fifty Club, 50 Frith Street –
  • Flamingo Club, 33-37 Wardour Street (renamed The Pink Flamingo) – 1960s
  • (The) French – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Freight Train, Berwick Street – 1950s
  • Gargoyle Club, Owner: Michael Klinger
  • Gennaro’s, New Compton Street, Soho
  • (The) Georgian
  • Giaconda Cafe, 9 Denmark Street – R
  • (The) Goings On, Archer Street – 1960s
  • Golden Lion Pub, Dean Street (Denis Nielson drank here) – R
  • Granada Club, Berwick Street, Soho – 1960s – R
  • Happening 44, 44 Gerrard Street – 1950s – Owners: Paul Lincoln & Ray Hunton
  • (The) Harmony Inn, Archer Street, Soho – 1950s (open all hours cafe)
  • Haymarket Coffee House, Piccadilly – R
  • Heaven and Hell, Old Compton Street, Soho – 1950s – M E
  • (The) Humphrey Lyttelton Club, 100 Oxford Street – 1950s (see The 100 Club)
  • Huntsman’s Coffee Club, Berwick Street, Soho – 1960s – M G R
  • Isola Bella, Frith Street
  • (The) Jack of Clubs, Brewer Street, Soho – 1960s
  • Jade Garden, 15 Wardour Street, Soho – 1980s
  • Jazz Shows Jazz Club, 100 Oxford Street – 1950s (see The 100 Club)
  • Jeremy’s – R
  • King Creole Club – 1960s (formerly The Scene Club)
  • Kingly Club, 4 Kingly Court – 1960s (formerly Pinstripe Club)
  • King’s Head Dive Box, 48 Gerrard Street, Soho – 1950s – R
  • Kismet Club, Great Newport Street – D
  • La Discotheque, 17 Wardour Street, Soho – 1960s (formerly El Condor Club in 1950s) – Owner: Peter (Perec) Rachman, involved in Profumo affair. UC
  • La Pigalle Striptease Revue Bar – 1970s
  • La Poubelle, Poland Street – 1960s
  • La Roca – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Las Vegas – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Latin Quarter Club – 1970s, Wardour Street, Soho.
  • L’Echelle – 1960s – Earls Court Road. UC
  • Le Duce Club, D’Arblay Street, Soho – 1960s – Owners: Geoffrey Worthington & William Bryant – H R
  • Le Grande – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Le Kilt, Poland Street – 1960s
  • Le Macabre, Wardour Street – 1950s – Beatnik – Owner: Tony Mitchell
  • Le Prince, Bruton Place, Mayfair (later became Revolution) – Owner: Rico
  • Les Cousins, 49 Greek Street – 1960s (formerly The Skiffle Cellar) – R
  • Les Enfants Terrible, 93 Dean Street – 1950s
  • L’Hirondelle – 1960s
  • Little Hut, Dean Street – 1970s – R
  • Limbo Club, Wardour Mews – Doorman: David Goorman, 1969 – Manager: Harold Bidney – R
  • Log Cabin, Wardour Street, Soho – Owner: Tony McCarthy – E
  • Londoner’s Club, 5 Earlham Street – D
  • (The) London Jazz Club, 100 Oxford Street – 1940s  (see The 100 Club)
  • London Pavilion – cinema/music hall
  • Louise, 61 Poland Street (formerly Stud) – R
  • Lounge Club, Whitehall – G D
  • Macabre, 23 Mead Street – D
  • Majestic, Tottenham Court Road – 1960s – D
  • Mambo, Greek Street – 1960s – R
  • Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street, Soho (originally at 165 Oxford Street then moved to Charing Cross Road in 1988) – 1960s onwards
  • Matelot, Panton Street – R
  • Melbray – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Mews Club, Duck Lane, Wardour Street, Soho – M D
  • Modernaires, Old Compton Street – Run by: Aggie Hill – R
  • Moka Coffee Bar, 29 Frith Street – 1950s-1972 (closed under strange circumstances) – R
  • Moonlight Club, Soho – 1990s
  • Mousehole Cafe, Swallow Street – R
  • Murray’s Cabaret Club, Gerrard Street, Soho – Run by: Percy Murray – E R
  • Music Box, Panton Street, Soho – 1940s – Owner: Muriel Belcher – M R
  • No.9 Club, Old Compton Street, Soho – Run by: William Douglas & Emmanuel Attard, 1963. – G R
  • Odeon, Leicester Square – R
  • (The) Old Place, basement, 39 Gerrard Street – 1960s (formerly Ronnie Scott’s) – Managers: Ronnie Scott & Peter King
  • Oscar’s, 4 Greek Street, Soho – D R
  • Paint Box Club, 29 Foley Street – 1970s – D
  • Panama Club, Soho (opposite the Windmill Club)
  • Park Lane Casino Club, Hertford Street, Mayfair – 1970s
  • Patisserie Valerie, Old Compton Street
  • Paul Raymond’s Revue Bar – Sunday nights had ‘All male revue – Call Us Mister‘ – R
  • Pelican Club, St Anne’s Court, Soho – 1960s
  • P.E.N Club, Duvall Street – 1950s
  • (The) Phoenix Club, Old Compton Street – 1960s – S
  • Phoenix Theatre Bar, Charing Cross Road – 1960s – D
  • (The) Picasso – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Piccadilly Cafe, Denman Street – 1970s
  • Piccadilly Club, Ham Yard (then became The Scene Club)
  • Pickwick Club, Great Newport Street – D
  • Pigalle Club, Piccadilly – 1960s
  • Pink Elephant, 8 Newport/Newton Place – D R
  • Pink Flamingo, Soho (previously Flamingo Club) – 1960s
  • (The) Pink Panther, Wardour Street, Soho – 1980s
  • Pinstripe Club, 4 Kingly Court – 1960s (Closed due to Profumo scandal.  Later became Kingly Club)
  • Playland Arcade, Piccadilly – R
  • Polar Bear Pub, Lisle Street – R
  • Pronto Bar, Piccadilly (next to Playland) – R
  • Quaglino’s – 1960s
  • Queen’s Snack Bar, Frith Street, Soho – 1960s – R
  • (The) Regency Club, Great Newport Street – 1970s
  • Regent Palace Hotel, Glasshouse Street – 1960s – R
  • Regent Sounds Studio, 4 Denmark Street – 1960s
  • Rehearsal, Archer Street (opposite Rockingham Club) – D R
  • (The) Rembrandt Room, 47 Rupert Street – M R
  • Revolution, Bruton Place, Mayfair (formerly Le Prince)
  • Rink Club, Soho – R
  • The R ‘n’ B, Wardour Street – 1960s (aka Smokey Joe’s)
  • (The) Roaring Twenties, Carnaby Street (formerly Sunset Club)
  • Rockingham Club, 9 Archer Street (Owner: Reg Kilduff, then sold to Toby Roe) – M D
  • Ronnie Scott’s, basement, 39 Gerrard Street (later moved to 47 Frith Street) – 1960s (became ‘The Old Place’)
  • Rose ‘n’ Dale Club, Newport Street, Soho
  • Roundabout, Orange Street – M D
  • Round House Pub, Wardour Street – D
  • Sam Widges – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Scene Club, Ham Yard off Great Windmill Street – Owner: Ronan O’Rahilly – had a South African bouncer called Lionel Blake (formerly Piccadilly Club, after became King Creole Club) – DJ: Guy Stevens – M D UC
  • Scott’s Seafood Restaurant, Mount Street, Mayfair – 1970s
  • (The) Skiffle Cellar, 49 Greek Street, Soho – 1950s (later became Les Cousins)
  • Scheherazade – 1970s – Owner: Frank Spiteri
  • Smokey Joe’s, Wardour Street – 1960s (aka The R ‘n’ B)
  • Snake Pit, Meard Street (All night cafe) – R
  • Snows, pub
  • (The) Society – 1960s
  • Sombreros Club, 142-144 Kensington High Street – R
  • (The) Spanish Club, illegal drinking club, Soho. Arson attack by John Thompson, 1981.
  • Spartan, Tachbrook Street – 1970s – D
  • Sphinx night club, Gerrard Street, Soho – Owners: Muriel Belcher & Dolly Mayers
  • St Anne’s, Discoteque basement of St Anne’s Church, Shaftesbury Ave – 1960s
  • St Germaine – 1960s
  • St Moritz Key Club, Wardour Street, Soho – 1960s
  • (The) Stockpot – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Stork Club – 1960s – Run by: Al Burnett
  • Stud, 61 Poland Street (then became Louise) – R
  • Student Prince, D’Arbly Street – 1970s
  • Studio 51, Great Newport Street (aka ‘The Studio) – 1950s
  • Subway, Leicester Square
  • Sunset Club, Carnaby Street – 1960s – Owner: Wilbert Augustus Campbell aka Count Suckle (Later became ‘The Roaring Twenties’) DJ: Duke Vin – Doorman: Charles Brown (landlord of murderer John Christie, 10 Rillington Place)
  • Take 4, Soho – D
  • Take Five, Berwick Street – 1960s- G R
  • Talk of the Town – 1960s
  • Theberton Club, Islington – 1950s
  • Tiles Club, 79-89 Oxford Street – 1960s – DJs: Jeff Dexter & John Peel
  • (The) Tiptoe, Whitcombe Street – 1960s
  • Top of the Bill, 9 Wardour Street, Soho – 1980s – D
  • Top Ten, Berwick Street, Soho – 1950s
  • Toucan Club, 13 Gerrard Street – D R
  • Trident Recording Studios, 17 St Anne’s Court – 1960s
  • (The) Twenty One Club, 8 Chesterfield Gardens, Curzon Street – 1960s – Director: Harry Meadows
  • (The) Two Decks, Rupert Court, Soho – 1960s – Part-owned by: Alfie Teale
  • Universal – 1950s – Beatnik
  • Whisky-A-Go-Go, 1960s
  • White Bear Pub, Piccadilly – 1960s – R
  • White Horse Pub, Rupert Street, Soho – 1960s
  • Wimpy, Glasshouse Street – R
  • Windmill Club, Soho – Owner: Mr van Dam – S
  • Winston’s – 1960s
  • Zambeki, Greek Street, Soho – R



Blog post: Johnny Go Home, 1975

30 thoughts on “THE SOHO CONNECTIONS: A-Z of Clubs, Pubs & other

  1. To add to your fine list of Soho clubs. Mid 60s there was a discoteque in the basement of St. Annes Church, Shaftesbury Avenue, W.1 called simply “St. Annes”. It was frequented by many foreign “au pair” girls specially French. It was run by a Frenchman called Jacque and his German wife. It had a great atmosphere and seems to have been forgotton now sadly

    Liked by 2 people

    1. “Bag O’Nails (aka ‘The Bag), 8-9 Kingly Street – 1960s – Owners: Rik & John Gunnell”
      The owners of the Bag were John Gunnell and partner Laurie Leslie, not Rik!
      That’s a fact!

      Liked by 1 person

    2. New Diplomat Club, Dean Street. Bob Doig ex KLM pilot and his wife. Jimmy the left arm bowler. Sally and Stella from Bakelite LTD. Happy memories of summer 1957.

      Liked by 1 person

    3. Lovely club never any trouble great mix of people met my 1st real love there a Swiss aupair in 63 but like all goods things sometimes it comes to a end and she returned home to Switzerland never forgotten her an often wonder how life has treated her thanks for bringing back a wonderful memories off those times


    4. Great place to meet and make friends went a lot in 63 met my 1st serious love there I was 18 and felt I was on top of the world with all off Soho to play in


  2. To add to your list the P.E.N club Duvall st Stepney my aunt Fay part owned it until she was witness to a murder and it says she disappeared in 1960 but we were in touch until her death in the 1990’s

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    1. I’m afraid I’ve never heard of it, nor can find any information about it. If you do manage to obtain any further info, please let me know and I will add it to the list. Thank you!


  3. The ‘Take Five’ was in Wardore Mews, upstairs of the ‘Limbo’. The ‘Coffee Ann’ was an early 60s-70s cellar coffee bar owned by a dear friend of mine, Dougie Cummings and the guy who ran it for him was Cypriot we knew as Weedo. A couple I didn’t see was early 70s ‘Student Prince’ D’arbly St. The ‘Tiptoe’, 30 seconds walk from Coffee Ann, in Whitcomb st, but what surprised me most was you listed the Heaven and Hell, but not arguably the best known place in London, ‘The 2 eyes’ where stars like Tommy Steel and Cliff Richard played before they became famous. Screaming Lord Sutch had it at one time or another didn’t he! ‘The Bamboo’ was another, but I’m damned if I can remember which street it was in. Another 60s famous place was Coco’s, in Goodge st W1. Another that I just remembered was, ‘The R’n’B, better known as Smokey Joe’s, opposite the ‘Flamingo’ in Wardore st, the place where I became totally addicted to the West End scene in ’63 or ’64. Wardore st was the centre of my universe.
    What made a good weekend, (or in the week), was somewhere that either didn’t charge to get in, or it was pennies, you could cut the atmosphere with a knife and the sounds were mostly American imports.
    This is a well good site man, only trouble is, it makes me realise how old I am, reminiscing and nostalgia makes me sad.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thought the guy who ran the Coffee Ann was called ‘Guido’ – rhymes with Weedo, but even after all these years, I’d love to know the truth!!

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    2. Thought the guy who ran the Coffee Ann was called ‘Guido’ – rhymes with Weedo, but even after all these years, I’d love to know the truth!!

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  4. Trying to get information on my uncle who had a club in Wardour street in the sixties, his name was George Hardy and believe the club may have been called Checkers ? He then went to Tangiers and ran/owned a club there Called possibly George Hardys Atlas bar or Beach Bar which we believe was frequented by Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor any info would be greatly received.


  5. The Kings Head in Gerrard Street was well known to me from about 1980 onwards – the Dive Bar downstairs was a small gay bar, frequented by those who found the Salisbury too crowded and the Golden Lion too dodgy. The Kings Head was run by George Baldwin, a typical East Ender, whose brother Bert ran the Blade Bone in the Bethnal Green Road. The Bone was a traditional watering hole for Mosleyites and NF supporters. Both pubs no longer exist. When the Kings Head closed, its manager and clientele moved over to the Blue Posts and rebuilt it. That has recently been closed too. But I predict that the Soho ethos will survive, despite 21st century attempts to ‘clean it up’ or transform it into a cafe culture for the amusement of IT consultants and owners of bijou PR agencies.

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  6. The premises of The Scene Club was Cy Laurie’s in the fifties. Close by was The Harmony Inn
    open late for cups of tea (price fourpence)
    Christine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies used to go to the Scene.
    I remember Christine Keeler completely ignoring the long queue to the ladies, and marching staight in,
    no-one complained.


  7. really nice to see all these places listed it’s a stroll down memory lane lets not forget my club of choice from the 60s the last chance saloon in oxford st , this is a great post many thanks PEG i shall return regards Dave


  8. MIRANDA’S was a ‘hostess’ and strip club. Membership only. Think it was in Soho, possibly Wardour Street. Early 60’s. Had a small dance floor. Frequented by ‘businessmen’.
    Also 007 Club at the top of the Hilton in Park Lane
    The Rehearsal Club was a basement club – clientele questionable? Open in early 60s.

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  9. No mention of the Kaleidoscope Jazz Club in the 1960’s, that was just to the left of the Odeon Leicester Square, also the Flamingo in the 1950’s was in the basement of the Mapleton Restaurant on the corner of Coventry Street and Whitcomb Street, Leicester Square.

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  10. Do you know anything about the Colonade Club, Meard St., Soho in the 50’s? This was owned by Len Callendar, a Jamaican and his wife Gwen.

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  11. nice to see this and read people’s memories , i practically lived in the last chance saloon in late 64 thru 65 , went to the scene and la discotheque , used the macabre coffee bar and the coffee-ann the freight train was on the corner of d’arblay st and berwick st just yards from wardour mews i often think that if walls could talk wardour mews would have the very best of tawdry tales to tell ! that blind alley saw all of life one way or another at its most seedy lol any time thru the night whatever night it was there were always familiar faces , if i’m down in london and have time i enjoy a stroll thru my yesterdays , its all been cleaned up now but i have to say it’s heart is still there ? or is that me just being sentimental ?? many thanks for setting this site up PEG a stroll around my yesterdays is such heartwarming stuff ! kindest regards Dave

    Liked by 1 person

  12. hi Dave i’ve just seen your comments on scepticpeg soho connections I am writing a book. I require any information that you can give me about mod life 1964, based in the club scene in Soho.
    If possible I would really appreciate if you could phone me so I could discuss with you about the material I require for my book.
    My number is; 07592834906


  13. hi phil, sorry its taken so long to get back to you i dont come onto this post very often , yes i’d be happy to help with memories of my times “up west” i have your number now ill give you a ring , regards Dave


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