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Roger C Gleaves, born 1935, Marylebone

  • Mother = Elsie Edith Mugridge (b.1902, Kensington)
  • Father = William H Gleaves (b.1900, Wandsworth)
  • Married = 1929, Brentford
  • Sister = C Gleaves – 1936, Surrey North Eastern, Kent
  • Brother = M Gleaves – 1944, Leeds
  • Sister = B Gleaves – 1947, Surrey Mid Eastern

1958 – Roger C Gleaves married June Wilson, 1958, South Surrey

  • Son = R Gleaves – 1971, Chatham
  • Son = G Gleaves – 1968, Chatham
  • Daughter = M Gleaves – 1965, Chatham
  • Daughter = K Gleaves – 1962, Croydon


  • 1959 – Hampshire Assizes, Winchester, Gleaves, 27, jailed for three years for abuse against boys whilst acting as an Army Cadet Corp Instructor.
  • Roger Gleaves
  • Brian Stainer
  • Unnamed third man
  • 1959 – Writ of Habeas Corpus – Roger Charles Gleaves TNA
  • 1962 – R C Gleaves, Keep Britain Campaign rally, Trafalgar Square – Occupation stated as a ‘clerk from Cheam’.
  • 1963  – Roger C A & June Gleaves live at 110 Auckland Road, South Norwood, Croydon
  • 1964-1966 – Becomes Rt Rev Roger Gleaves, Vicar General of the Old Catholic Church, with Father Harold Bralee, Father John W Harding and Father John Collins.
  • 1964 – The People newspaper
  • 1966 – Appears as a character witness for the church’s youth club leader, who was accused of theft.
  • 1966 – High Court restraining order against Roger Charles Augustine Gleaves of 267 Beeching Way, Rainham, Kent – Crystal Palace Railway Station chapel by Mr John W Harding.
  • 1969 – Gleaves now called himself ‘Major Gleaves’ and ‘County Director (Kent) of the Voluntary Service Corp’.  It was a unformed youth movement but Dartford Council discovered his previous sexual conviction and banned him and VSC from it’s premises.
  • Early 1970s – Sets up a string of hostels for young runaways under a charitable front of ‘Old Catholic Church Community Services Department’ in Richmond Road, Hackney.  They wore former RAF uniforms and badges with ‘social worker’ and would trawl London stations and procure vulnerable runaways from places such as Euston and Kings Cross stations.  The hostels were known as ‘St Christopher’s Fellowship’.
  • 1971 – Gleaves received 6mths suspended sentence for indecent assault of 13 year old boy.
  • 1973 – Officials at Lambeth Council had been ‘discussing’ Gleaves and the hostel he ran in Branksome Road, Brixton following strange rumours that it was “a male brothel run by priests“.  No action was taken.
  • 19 July 1973 – The hostel at Osterley Road, Isleworth was raided after police received reports of drugs.
  • 18 Aug 1973 – Warden – James Anthony MacDonald, 28, Deputy Warden – Peter James Holland, 28, and Assistant Warden – Kathryn Mary Howe, 19, were found guilty of drug crimes at Brentford Magistrates Court.  MacDonald and Holland were each fined £100 for cultivating cannabis and £50 for possession, and Howe was fined £50 for possession.  Frederick Clifford, the General Secretary of St Christopher’s Fellowship, gave character references for the accused.
  • 1974 Jerry Vickers, hostel dweller, compiled a dossier against Gleaves.  Once Gleaves found out, Vickers ran away.
  • 24 June 1974 – Gleaves targets Vickers’ friend, Billy McPhee.  His seven ‘henchmen’ tortured McPhee in to telling them where Vickers had moved to.  McPhee was bundled in to a car and beaten badly.  He was taken to Osterley Road hostel before being driven towards Brighton on A23 (where it was said Vickers was living), stabbed and his body was left in a ditch at Handcross. Gleaves denies any involvement.
  • 1974Johnny Go Home films Gleaves meeting Tommy Wylie (‘Johnny’).
  • 1975Johnny Go Home is shown on UK TV.
  • 1975 – Buggery trial
  • 2 May 1975 – Hostel abuse trial:
  • Roger Charles Augustine Gleaves
  • Michael Woodland, 36, former hostel supervisor, Wellington Road North, Hounslow
  • Edmund Smith, 39, warder, Richmond Road, Hackney
  • Peter Evans, 19, Richmond Road, Hackney
  • Patrick Smallwood, 22, Richmond Road, Hackney
  • David Johnson, 20, Canforth Road, Heaton Chapel
  • (Johnson and Woodland are also sentenced on grievous assault charges).
  • 1976 – Decree Nisi granted to his wife, June based on his ‘unreasonable behaviour’.  They had four children.
  • 30 Sept 1976 – Tommy Wylie, 18, remanded on bail at Clerkenwell Magistrates Court for trespassing at Euston Station.
  • 21 March 1977 – Gleaves released from jail after serving half his sentence.
  • March 1977 – Granted permission at Bow Street Magistrate’s Court to sue the two Yorkshire television journalists that made Johnny Go Home – John Willis and Michael Deakin.
  • May 1977 – Fails to bring contempt proceedings against two journalists – Daily Express and Evening Standard.  Aged 44.  Norman Mews, West Kensington.
  • Sept 1977 – Brings libel proceedings against John Willis, Michael Deakin, Quartet Books and Futura Publications at Wells Street Magistrates Court.  Aged 45.  Normand Mews, West Kensington.
  • Nov 1977 – Journalists bailed in contempt case after Gleaves obtained four summonses.  David Farr, editor and William Dorran, deputy of Sunday People, and reporters David Alford, Graham Ball and Frank Murphy.
  • Dec 1977 – Perverting the course of justice summons issued by Gleaves against David Alston (photographer), Diana Burgess of Yorkshire TV for libel, and two further summonses for Stephen Aris and Times Newspapers Ltd.
  • Dec 1977 – Permission granted for Willis, Deakin, Quartet Books and Futura Publications to challenge the libel order by High Court.
  • Jan 1978 – Eviction trial brought against him by landlady Mrs G Protopapa at a Haringey Rent Tribunal.  Roger Gleaves, 45, Muswell Road, Haringey, stated that Thomas Wylie (‘Johnny’ from Johnny Go Home) was living with him three nights a week.
  • April 1978 – Queens Bench Division discuss libel case.
  • April 1978 – All charges against reporters and Odhams Newspapers Ltd were dismissed at Wells Magistrates Court.  Gleaves, Muswell Road, Crouch Hill, London.
  • April 1978 – Private prosecution brought against reporters by Gleaves.
  • April 1978 – Private prosecution dismissed by Wells Magistrates Court but two were committed for trial for libel.
  • 1978 – Tommy M Wylie marries C Gallagher in Lambeth.  They have a child.
  • 1980 – Tommy Wylie’s wife, C, states that Gleaves had appeared at their home a number of times but she had refused to let him in.  Wylie moves in with Gleaves at Belmont Road, Haringey and runs ‘The London Gay Sun Club’.
  • Jan 1980 – Gleaves, Holloway Road, Islington loses private prosecution against Chief Constable of Sussex, Mr George Terry and Det Supt John Lidbetter of Sussex and Met Police Commissioner for wrongful arrest.  Wandsworth Crown Court awarded costs against him.
  • Feb 1980 – Trial for libel begins at Central Criminal Court.  Gleaves’ private prosecution against journalists.
  • Feb 1980 – Journalists acquitted of all charges.  Judge recommends that a file on evidence given by Brian Stainer should be forwarded to DPP for perjury.
  • March 1980 – Sir Michael Havers, Attorney General, intervenes to stop Gleaves bringing a private prosecution against Yorkshire TV.
  • April 1980 – Gleaves, 47, Victoria Road, Finsbury Park remanded on bail at Highgate Magistrate’s Court for fraud.
  • April 1980 – Sir Michael Havers, Attorney General, stops two further private prosecutions against three Fleet Street journalists by Gleaves.  Mr John Clare, NOTW, Jeffrey Edwards and Peter Oliver of Evening News.
  • 1980 – Gleaves moves to a new bedsit with Wylie at Cecile Park Road, Crouch End and begins using the surname ‘Evans’.  Starts up a security company called ‘Prevent Crime Guards’.  A Sunday paper expose claims he was again picking up 14 year old runaways, using them as security guards whilst getting them to apply for benefits.
  • 9 Aug 1981 – Fraud trial.  Roger Charles Augustine Gleaves, 48, jailed for 18 months for fraud by obtaining benefits whilst working for London Transport and a security firm.  Lived at Cecile Park, Hornsey
  • 1982 – Gleaves is jailed again for 18 months social security benefit fraud at Wood Green Crown Court.
  • 1982 – Gleaves starts up GB Security Services in Tottenham, recruiting youngsters from a YMCA hostel.
  • Oct 1982 – Gleaves now calls himself Adam Smiths.
  • 1984 – Remanded in custody by Tottenham magistrates for obtaining social security benefits by deception, alongside Tommy Wylie and others.
  • 1985 – Civil proceedings order against Gleaves.
  • Oct 1987 – Gleaves jailed for four years for cheating the Post Office out of £14,000 at Snaresbrook Crown Court.  He admitted 12 counts of fraud and asked for another 290 cases to be taken in to account.
  • 1993 – Gleaves sets up ‘Independent Voluntary Ambulance Corps’.  Now calls himself Rupert Gleaves, he teaches youngsters first aid at Tottenham Sports Centre, White Hart Lane and refers to himself as ‘General Secretary’.  His business chairman is a builder called David Butler.
  • May 1994 – Court of appeal – Mephistopheles Debt Collection Agency, Gurdip Kaur Lotay.
  • April 1998 – Rape trial – Roger Gleaves sentenced to 15 years for rape of two 14 year old boys with special needs, 65, Tottenham
  • March 1999 – Gleaves brings libel case against reporter.  Judgement is made by judges that it is inadmissable.
  • Nov 2004 – Gleaves applies for a review against the Home Secretary after Whitemoor Prison Governor failed to complete a form following a displinary hearing against Gleaves when he called a member of prison staff a “kraut”.  It was rejected.

Names known by:

  • Roger Gleaves
  • Roger Charles Gleaves
  • Roger Charles Augustine Gleaves
  • Rt Rev Roger Gleaves, Vicar General of the Old Catholic Church
  • Major Gleaves (1969)
  • Count di Giglio (1975)
  • Roger Evans (1980)
  • Adam Smiths (1982)
  • Rupert Gleaves (1993)


The Hostels

There were a number of hostels connected as part of the ‘St Christopher’s Fellowship’ under the guise of the Old Catholic Church Community Services Department.  These included:

  • 58 Branksome Road, Brixton (Headquarters)
  • Branksome Road, Brixton (two further properties)
  • High Street, Brixton
  • Richmond Road, Hackney
  • Blackhorse Lane, Walthamstow
  • Osterley Road, Isleworth
  • Wellington Road, North Hounslow

A-Z of people connected to Gleaves

  • ALFORD, David – (Reporter, Sunday People. Sued by Gleaves)
  • ARIS, Stephen (Reporter.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • BALL, Graham (Reporter, Sunday People. Sued by Gleaves)
  • BARRINGTON-EVANS, W A (Primate of Old Roman Catholic Church, Trustee of Old Catholic Church – restraining order against Gleaves, 1966)
  • BRALEE, Father Harold (Old Catholic Church)
  • BURGESS, Diana (Yorkshire TV.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • BUTLER, David (Chairman of Independent Voluntary Ambulance Corp)
  • CLARE, John (Reporter, News of the World.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • CLIFFORD, Frederick (General Secretary, St Christopher’s Fellowship)
  • COLLINS, Father John (Old Catholic Church)
  • DEAKIN, John (Johnny Go Home programme maker. Sued by Gleaves)
  • DORRAN, William (Deputy Editor, Sunday People. Sued by Gleaves)
  • EDWARDS, Jeffrey (Reporter, Evening News)
  • EVANS, Peter (Richmond Rd, Hackney: abuse trial/McPhee murder)
  • FARR, David (Editor, Sunday People. Sued by Gleaves)
  • HARDING, Father John W (Old Catholic Church)
  • HOLLAND, Peter James (Deputy Warden, Osterley Rd: Cannabis charge)
  • HOLLAND, Philip (former Hostel Supervisor, Canforth Rd, Heaton Chapel, Stockport: McPhee murder)
  • HOWE, Kathryn Mary (Assistant Warden, Osterley Rd: Cannabis charge)
  • HYLAND, James (Warden, Old Catholic Church Community Services Dept, Hackney)
  • JOHNSON, David (Osterley Rd/Canforth Rd, Heaton Chapel: McPhee murder/abuse trial)
  • LIDBETTER, JOHN (Detective Superintendant of Sussex.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • LOTAY, Gurdip Kaur (Court of appeal against Gleaves)
  • MACDONALD, James Anthony (Warden, Osterley Rd: Cannabis charge)
  • MURPHY, Frank (Reporter, Sunday People.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • OLIVER, Peter (Reporter, Evening News.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • PROTOPAPA, G (Landlady of Gleaves.  Eviction order against him).
  • SMALLWOOD, Patrick (Richmond Rd, Hackney: abuse trial/McPhee murder)
  • SMITH, Edmund (Warden, Richmond Rd, Hackney: abuse trial/McPhee murder)
  • STAINER, Brian (Assault case, 1959.  Witness 1978)
  • TERRY, George (Chief Constable of Sussex.  Sued by Gleaves)
  • WILLIS, John (Johnny Go Home programme maker, sued by Gleaves)
  • WOODLAND, Michael (Wellington Road Hostel: McPhee murder & abuse trial)
  • WYLIE, Thomas (Johnny Go Home, lived with Gleaves)



9 February 1966 – Old Roman Catholics


2 May 1975 – Four years jail







Articles on the death of Billy McPhee:






Recent Articles:


31 May 2016

A paedophile once dubbed the most evil man in Britain after raping two 14-year-old boys has reportedly been housed next to a primary school.

Roger Gleaves, who was jailed for life in 1998, now lives in the council block of flats that looks on to a nursery and an adventure playground in Tottenham, north London.

The paedophile, who posed as a social worker and a vicar, calling himself the Bishop of Medway, was reportedly caught ‘leering’ at children outside Brook House Primary.

When The Sun approached Gleaves, now 84 and with a huge grey beard, he reportedly told Stephen Moyes: ‘Mind your own f****** business. If I was going to do anything it would have happened by now.’

The block he lives in is full of families and a resident slammed Haringey council for housing him there, dubbing the decision ‘disgusting and sick’.

Campaigner Chris Wittwer, who tracks paedophiles who have been freed, told MailOnline: ‘We hear it all the time, offenders released to live near primary schools, play parks, estates full of children.

‘The authorities are meant to rehouse these type of offenders sensitively but that does not happen in most cases.

‘Most are moved back to the area that they offend in, meaning they reside in close proximity to the victims.

‘Schools are not alerted when an offender moves close to a school either, leaving the most vulnerable in society at risk.

‘It’s something the government agencies have been doing for a very long time, without anyone to answer to.’

Gleaves was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 1998 after he was convicted of raping the two 14-year-old boys, attempted rape, incitement of one boy to rape another, and three counts of indecent assault

He was housed in Albany prison on the Isle of Wight towards the end of his sentence, which locals dubbed ‘Paedophile Island’ because its three jails held so many sex offenders.

Forum conversation:


And finally…

And interesting question posed on Twitter:



14 thoughts on “THE SOHO CONNECTIONS: Roger Gleaves

  1. I was one of the boys who lived at the 4 Osterley Road Hostel. 1965-1968. Mr & Mrs Bee were the Wardens and they lived in an Annexe in the Hostel Grounds together with their adopted children Robert & Jeremy. The Hostel was well run and the boys well looked after. There was no garbage and filth as we have seen that took place during that time. However, I can tell you that since a Mr Brian Hawkins became an assistant warden there towards the latter part of my stay things began to change. Most of the boys there like myself at the time were hardened and would have kicked the living daylights of of anyone that was queer. We saw that certain vulnerable boys were spending too much time in Mr Hawkins room and considered it unhealthy. Mr Bee the Warden reprimanded and told all the boys in general that they should not be entering Mr hawkin’s room. When this continued some of us boys approached the vulnerable boys concerned and tried to wean them away without actually putting them on the spot. When this did not work we became a bit hostile towards Mr Hawkins and he in turn tried to get back at us individually when we were alone. I was never one to take lip from anyone during that time and I wacked with a log one day – went straight to the Warden Mr Bee and and reported Mr Hawkins for his aggression and also informed him about some of us boys concerns. Mr Bee told me he would handle the situation and to keep away from Mr Hawkins. 3 weeks later Mr Hawkins was transferred to the sister hostel in Camberwell. Coincidence?
    Apart from his deviant behaviour with vulnerable boys I found Mr Hawkins to be a pleasant and caring person. Nevertheless, one wonders in hindsight if this was just a facade to cover his real self. However, that being said – he certainly did not deserve the fate he endured even though at times I myself might have expressed that wish in anger. If Roger Gleaves had been around during our time I can assure you he would have been in the River Thames in a jiffy. How times change.

    Darrell Frugtniet


  2. I left home when I was 15 that would have been 71_72 and went to London were I slept on the streets in the west end were I went to piccadilly playland were Roger gleaves came upto me and asked if I was sleeping on the streets and I told him I was he sead do I won’t somewhere to live and sleep I told him yes and I went back to a hostel in
    brickston wot he sead he runs it and it was ok at ferst but then he made me do to him and he did things to me and then I started to say no so he told me to leve and I would not he would beat me up and make me go and as I left he told me to keep my mouth closed if I did not he would get someone to sort me out you could say between my dad and him fucked my life up as I have tried taking my life about 20 time and I hoped I die in my sleep I have had depression for a very long time I try to forget about it but I can’t all I won’t is for him to rot in hell for wot he did to me if I had a gun 🔫 I would put bullet in is head I am 63 naw


    1. I’m so sorry to hear what you went through. No child should ever be so alone or hurt in that way. You deserved to be loved. Greaves was/is an evil man. I hope you manage to get support because I hate to think you still feel so alone that there is no other option in your eyes. Nobody can take away what happened to you, but there are so many others who feel just like you, who survived the streets, and you can reach out to those with experience. You are never alone now. You were dealt a bad hand as a child, but you’ve come this far. Be strong, Paul, so you can at least focus on the day he finally does reach his hell. X


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