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OPERATION HYDRANT: Overarching investigation in to abuse

Operation Hydrant

Facts and Figures

In May 2015, the National Police Chiefs’ Council announced they were amalgamating many cases of ‘historic’ sexual abuse being investigated by different forces under one large collective called Operation Hydrant.

Operation Hydrant was set up when it became apparent that Forces around the country were investigating a significant number of non-recent allegations of sexual abuse involving persons of public prominence or within institutions. There was a risk that investigators were looking at the same individuals and institutions and it was also clear that officers dealing with these complex cases required support and guidance.

The operation is exploring links between child sexual abuse and “prominent public persons”.

Statistics as of December 2015:

  • 1,433 suspects have been identified, of which:
  • 216 are now dead
  • 261 are classified as people of public prominence with:
  • 135 coming from tv, film or radio.
  • Of the remainder:
  • 76 suspects are politicians;
  • 43 are from the music industry;
  • 7 are from sport;
  • 666 claims relate to institutions;
  • 357 separate institutions have been identified.  Of these:
  • 154 are schools;
  • 75 are children’s homes;
  • 40 are religious institutions;
  • 14 are medical establishments;
  • 11 are community institutions, including military groups and guest houses;
  • 17 are institutions classed as ‘unknown’.

Statistics as of December 2016:

In light of the disclosures late last year from a number of well-known footballers regarding abuse within youth football teams, Operation Hydrant’s figures have changed considerably.

  • There were 819 referrals from police forces regarding football abuse.
  • They identified 429 potential football victims, aged between 4 and 20;
  • and 155 potential suspects.
  • In total, under Operation Hydrant:
  • 3,469 suspects are now under investigation; of which
  • 366 are people of public prominence;
  • 162 are from tv, film and radio;
  • 97 are politicians;
  • 49 are from the music industry;
  • 21 are from the world of sport; and
  • 37 are classed as ‘others’.
  • 3,531 people have been classed as victims.
  • 555 schools are being investigated;
  • 364 children’s homes;
  • 146 religious institutions;
  • 74 are sports institutions;
  • 67 are medical;
  • 60 are scouts/cadets;
  • 30 are prisons/young offenders institutions;
  • 21 are community institutions; and
  • 108 are classed as ‘others’.

Political anonymity

So as of December 2016, 97 politicians are under investigation over allegations of child sexual abuse.  However, in February 2016, MPs (all apart from one – John Mann) voted to change the rules so that now they are entitled to remain anonymous unless charged with a crime.

This sets a dangerous precedent.  We know politicians like to use kids for photo opportunities and that many of them undertake a lot of local community engagements.  So how would YOU feel if you subsequently discovered a person who was under investigation for heinous crimes against children had been allowed to spend time in the company of your child?  If they MUST be allowed anonymity (which I disagree with because they are representing the public), then there should be special rules put in place to ensure that any MP being investigated must not be allowed to have any involvement in setting out recommendations when it comes to the law surrounding child sexual abuse and exploitation, and nor should they be allowed anywhere near schools, nurseries or children’s wards until such time as they are cleared of any wrongdoing.

Let’s face it – Cyril Smith was hardly a wallflower.  He was a great, big, monstrous child abuser who abused his position to keep his disgusting ‘sexual proclivities’ under the radar.  He acted with impunity, safe in the knowledge that his ministerial status afforded him special treatment and allowed him unfettered access to children.

It’s 2017 and we are still no further forwards in protecting our children.  The right-wing press – especially Murdoch and Dacre – protect the elite.  A shining example is Stephen Wright of the Daily Fail, who spends most of his time writing articles attempting to discredit anyone who discloses allegations of abuse, and immediately presuming those who are accused as being innocent.  This is a man who has been friends with Paul Settle (former detective on Operation Fernbridge) for many years and who almost single-handedly jeopardised the Stephen Lawrence inquiry, much to Clive Driscoll’s chagrin.  He also cost the Daily Fail a lot of money in damages after identifying a complainant in a sexual abuse investigation – something the law is designed to prevent.  He and his ilk act with impunity and it’s disgusting.

I know for a fact that a number of big-name national newspapers held a meeting last year in order to coordinate a joint ‘outing’ of the permanently slippery Keith Vaz.  Even so, the arrangements were kicked into the long grass by those higher up the food chain.  WHY?

Public prominence

If 211 suspects are in tv, radio, film and the music industry alone, what measures have institutions such as the terminally bewildered BBC put in place to protect children, particularly as many now have dedicated children’s channels?

The Dame Janet Smith review on Savile left a lot to be desired.  No real investigation was undertaken in terms of the Payola case in the early 1970s – which is a travesty in itself.  What about the likes of Claire McAlpine, who took her own life after being abused by a well-known celebrity at the BBC?  What actually HAVE the BBC done to safeguard children since it was dragged through the courts in the early 1970s?  The answer is absolutely NOTHING because they allowed the likes of Savile and others to abuse children both onsite and off for many years following.  They feign ignorance but there are enough comments made by presenters etc which proves it was an open secret at the BBC that Savile was a nonce.

Investigations? What has happened?

And where are the arrests?  Where is the action?  Yes, we get thrown the odd small-fry (albeit important that EVERYONE involved in such crimes are caught and punished), but it’s simply a case of placating the masses whilst still protecting the bigger fish.

There are the likes of dear James Reeves on Twitter, who tells of the most heartbreaking events that happened during his time living in ‘care’ and on the streets of London as a child in the 1960s – with some VERY high profile names involved.  One force investigating Operation Conifer is taking his evidence very seriously whilst the Metropolitan Police don’t want to know!  It’s a farce.  James has spent his life living with injustice and still it continues in plain sight!

The figures above are abhorrent, and no doubt a vast underestimate of the true figures of those involved in paedophilia.  There are probably many more who are still too frightened to come forward because the behaviour of a select few stokes their fear.

We are in January 2017 and 3,469 people are currently being investigated over allegations of child sexual abuse.  By December, when the next set of statistics are released, how many convictions will we have seen and how many of those will include the ‘prominent few’ who are seemingly still so untouchable?


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