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A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Establishment Paedophiles: Operation Clarence



“…if you’re not open and honest about what you are doing with your investigations and your inquiries, people will start to think that bad things are happening.”

Terry Shutt, a former detective constable, spoke to Tom Bateman on BBC Radio 4 in 2014 about his time investigating a paedophile network in the early 1990s and the shocking cover up to protect a member of the establishment as well as senior clergy.

Mr Shutt is yet another former police officer who has put his head above the parapet to make allegations of senior figures being identified during police investigations in to child abuse, but who claim those implicated were either never arrested or the police were ordered to shut down the case, as in the case of Clive Driscoll in Lambeth whose request to speak with MP Paul Boateng about what he knew about prolific paedophile, John Carroll, led to him being removed, and an ex Detective who gave a shocking interview to Brian Gerrish at UK Column.

Terry Shutt – whistleblower

The case in question seems to be Operation Clarence, which I wrote a blog post about in September 2016.  Operation Clarence investigated Peter Righton, his partner Richard Alston, Charles Napier (half brother of MP John Whittingdale), Dr Morris Fraser and David Bloomfield, as well as the activities of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) of which a list of members can be found in this blog post from February 2016.  I assume DC Shutt was part of West Mercia Police who did the initial raid of Righton’s home following a customs seizure of child abuse pictures.  When I read Michael Hames’s account of Operation Clarence, I remember saying to someone that I strongly suspected the reason the matter was passed over to the Met’s Dirty Squad was because they uncovered some huge names.  It seems I was right.

This is a transcription of what Terry Shutt told Tom Bateman.

  • TS – Terry Shutt
  • TB – Tom Bateman

TS: “There were several bags, there were about four or five suitcases of material under the bed, of documentation and letters, and in among the items that was at the top of the pile was Peter Righton’s diary and in the back of that it had a list of 200 boys names that he’d had relationships with.  It looked like there was a scoring system taking place.  There was numbers attached to the boys names as an indicator as to what type of activity they would be engaged in.”

TB: “Sexual activity?”

TS: “Sexual activity, yeah, and I thought that was significant to warrant passing to the Metropolitan (Police) – the paedophile investigation desk – which is what we did”.

TB: “So you talked about these letters – the correspondence that Peter Righton was having with other people.  Who were these people?  What kinds of people were they?”

TS: “That was the scary part, because when you started looking at some of the names, initially they didn’t mean a lot to me but eventually we started to understand there was people that had been involved in the setting up of the Paedophile Information Exchange – who he was still in contact with – and in among all the other documentation, there was a definite link to establishment figures.  I can’t say more than that at this point, but there was definitely a link to establishment figures, including senior members of clergy, so for me there was a definite feel that this was something bigger than we were looking at locally and that it should be investigated further.”

TB: “What did you feel at that stage needed to be done with that?”

TS: “My job was to ensure that the evidence was passed on, which I did, and at that point then, the Metropolitan (Police) took on that part of the investigation and their inquiries carried on.  I’m aware of some arrests that happened some time later, not immediately.  I’m aware of other arrests that have happened over a period of time – a longer period – but I’m certainly… I’m confident that the main link in the establishment that I identified at the early stage was not proceeded with.

TB: “Is it not possible that these figures were looked in to and they were found to be wholly innocent?”

TS: “That may well be the case but if that had happened then perhaps somebody should have the good grace to tell us.  I think, because at the time there was a culture to protect the establishment – it was seen to be more important to protect the establishment than to deal with individuals who may have transgressed, you know.  Fish rots from the head down and if you’re going to start looking at protecting people then, you know, this is the sort of thing… this is the sort of scenario when, if you’re not open and honest about what you are doing with your investigations and your inquiries, people will start to think that bad things are happening.”


There are deniers out there who state that people who make claims of a VIP paedophile network are ‘conspiracy theorists’.  Well it seems to me the only ‘conspiracy’ is the one used to cover up the abhorrent abuse of children by those in power and protect them at all costs.

LINK – BBC, 2014





8 thoughts on “A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Establishment Paedophiles: Operation Clarence

  1. Having been involved as a child , I can say, that even today, I view the establishment with deep suspicion and lasting distrust. I am not one who ‘bites the pillow ‘at night , I have moved on but from the age of nine onward I harboured a deep mistrust bordering on hatred for the sophisticated older male with the elevated public manner and the menacing private demeanour. For years I was enveloped by what I can only describe as a suffocating cloak of controlling deceit put out by people I knew and respected, people of elevated status. I am old myself now but I still find my hackles rising when faced with a certain type.The shock of realizing just what I had inadvertently fallen into all those years ago,how impossible it was to disentangle myself , and the disbelief of those I trusted to help me out , has never really left me .


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