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Tory Electoral Fraud – this is a story that is set to run now the mainstream media have FINALLY picked up the baton from Channel 4 News and the Electoral Commission have released their findings.

Yesterday I posted a blog which was a simple guide to the electoral expenses scandal. TORY ELECTORAL FRAUD – 2015 GENERAL ELECTION  Today there is another new allegation about their practices in Kent, which raises yet more very serious questions for the Conservatives.  The allegations centre around an article in the Daily Mirror.

The Mirror states that police are investigating claims that the Conservatives placed adverts in job centres and paid unemployed people to pose as Tory ‘volunteers’ and drove them around different constituencies on the battle buses.


The article states:

“Police are investigating claims that the Tories paid an unemployed woman to pose as a Tory volunteer during the 2015 General Election.

It is claimed that an activist leafleting voters in South Thanet one month before the May poll was hired as a temp for the day.

Quizzed about her role, it is claimed that she denied being a Tory and said: “I’m not.  I was at the job centre and saw this advert for a job with an unknown employer“.

The woman who is not named, was allegedly then put on a Tory battlebus on 9th April, given a Conservative rosette and taken by bus to the Phoenix Youth Club in Sandwich, Kent.

The source, who spoke to the woman on the day, has twice been interviewed by Kent police.

The Tories declined to comment.

He was first quizzed by detectives after we first reported the allegations last May and was recently quizzed for three hours by officers from the Kent and Essex Serious Economic Crime Unit.

The Conservative Party last night declined to comment on the claims, which were first made by Dover councillor, Peter Wallace.

Councillor Wallace said last year: “On April 10th the Conservative Party’s battle bus visited Sandwich, in South Thanet, with a number of activists on board.  During the day they distributed leaflets, campaigned in the town centre and held a meeting at the Phoenix Centre youth Club.

After the meeting a member of staff from the Phoenix Centre spoke to one of the activists and asked her why she had travelled from London to campaign for the party.

She was paid to travel on the bus, hand out leaflets and take part in the campaign while wearing a blue rosette.

I believe this is a serious matter than needs investigating.”

There is no suggestion that Mr Mackinlay, who won, knew of the alleged arrangement.”

So not only are the Conservatives accused of failing to declare large sums of money that they overspent on campaigns, but this latest claim adds deception and yet more payments that may not have been declared on top of the trouble they are already in.

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