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In October 1988 a man named Derek Frank Flintham, aged 48, and Ian Michael Durban, 22, appeared at a specially convened hearing at Richmond Magistrates Court charged with kidnapping and raping an 11 year old girl.

*Trigger warning* – this is a particular heinous crime against a young child.


Born in Brentford, 1940

  • Mother – Winifred Grover
  • Father – Frank Flintham

In 1976 he married in Hounslow, but I believe they subsequently divorced.  I have decided not to name the poor woman here, as nobody wants to be associated with this abhorrent excuse of a human being.

  • 1940: 193 Ealing Road, Brentford
  • 1948: 43 Hawthorn Hatch, Brentford (opposite Syon Park)
  • 1988: Woburn Close, Hillingdon
  • 1989: Harlech Gardens, Heston
  • 2001: Grosvenor Road, Highbury, North London
  • 2010-2014: Hounslow


Born in Hounslow, 1966

In 1988 he also married in Hounslow and, again, I am not going to name the woman for the same reason as above.

  • 1989: Harlech Gardens, Heston

Durban died in Norwich in 2000 aged 29.

1988 ATTACK:

In October 1988 both Flintham and Durban appeared at Richmond Magistrates Court accused of abducting an 11 year old girl off the street and subjecting her to an horrific assault.  The case was transferred to the Central Criminal Court and both Flintham and Durban appeared there in June 1989.

The court heard how they had dragged the young girl in to a car, administered ether then bound and gagged her, before driving to a remote spot somewhere in Surrey.  Durban had taunted and abused her during the journey before raping and assaulting her.  Flintham had also assaulted her.  They both pleaded guilty and were jailed for 13 years.


It was whilst police were investigating the awful murder of Sarah Payne in West Sussex that they discovered Derek Flintham was far from rehabilitated following his stint in prison.

Flintham’s name was on a list of paedophiles that police wanted to speak to in order to ascertain their alibis at the time Sarah went missing.  It was just sheer chance that when they arrived at his home in Highbury, they found him with another 11 year old girl whom he had been grooming and abusing.  They believed he had been planning another viscious assault on the child similar to his previous crime as they discovered a spray to sedate her as well as tape to bind and gag her.

Flintham, 60, had struck up a ‘friendship’ with the girl as she walked passed his home.  He had invited her inside to see his pet parrots and slowly groomed her.  The girl told police that he had touched her and suggested playing a game in the bedroom which involved taking her clothes off.

A senior officer said “God only knows what might have happened if we hadn’t arrived when we did.  She could have been raped or even murdered.  It was an astonishing coincidence that we showed up as he was with her“.

Flintham appeared at Snaresbrook Crown Court and was given a five year sentence.  Upon sentencing Flintham, Judge Stephen Robbins spoke of his inability to jail him for life (whereby he could be held indefinitely until deemed safe to be released back in to the community) as his offence was “at the lower end of the scale“.  However, he sentenced Flintham to longer than usual because of his risk to the public.

Despite that risk, unbelievably Flintham has gone full circle and now lives back in Hounslow near Heathrow Airport and a primary school.

Sadly, I don’t believe any young girls are safe whilst that man is around.


6 June 1989:

Two men who subjected a girl, aged 11, to a rape ordeal after kidnapping her in the street were each jailed for 13 years yesterday.

The girl was dragged in to a car, given ether and bound and gagged, the Central Criminal Court was told.

Ian Durban, aged 22, of Harlech Gardens, Heston, West London, taunted the child and abused her as they drove to a remote area in Surrey where he raped and indecently assaulted her.

Durban, and Derek Flintham of Woburn Close, Hillingdon, West London, admitted rape.

March 2001

At Snaresbrook Crown Court in London, Judge Stephen Robbins spoke of his inability to jail a convicted child rapist for life after the man was found apparently “grooming” another young girl for a similar attack.

Derek Flintham, 60, was sentenced to five years.

Judge Robbins told Flintham he could not pass a life sentence because the charge of indecent assault was at the lower end of the scale.

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  1. Did Derek Flintham live in Basingstoke, Hampshire in the 70’s – early 80’s? I am trying to track down information on a man of the same name who abused girls in Basingstoke, but as far as I know, was not reported.


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