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THE TORY SHAME: Public Sector Pay Cap



Nurses Protest Over One Per Cent Pay Cap
LONDON, ENGLAND – JUNE 27: Nurses stage a protest outside the Department of Health on June 27, 2017 in London, England. The Royal College of Nursing have launched a series of demonstrations, as part of their ‘Summer of Protest’ campaigning against the 1% cap on annual pay rises for most NHS staff. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

Despite years of protestations that austerity must remain and public sector workers were put on a 1% pay cap, last week the Conservatives found £1.5bn to buy their way in to power as they paid the dubious DUP thus enabling them to form a majority government.  So whilst nurses are visiting foodbanks because inflation has risen and pay hasn’t, the government had obviously been nurturing that ‘Magic Money Tree’ they like to keep wittering on about.

If this wasn’t bad enough, last night a vote was held in the Commons as Labour proposed an amendment to the Queen’s Speech and drop the public sector pay cap.  They lost by 323 to 309.  That in itself is shameful, but worse was to come.  When the speaker announced the result, the Tories shouted, cheered, whooped and celebrated with little forethought about how their actions would be perceived.  In short, they exposed their repugnant and downright condescending views and by doing so, also showed how far removed they are from reality.

Rightly so, many are up in arms over the crass behaviour of the Tory back benches.  Twitter was awash with cries of disgust, with people quite rightly pointing out that the public sector workers are the very same people who risked their lives to save people in Grenfell Tower, or who ignore danger to help those involved in the recent terror attacks in Manchester and London, or people just like PC Keith Palmer who lost his life protecting the ghastly unthinking people who have such short memories of the sacrifices made by the public servants and their families.  PC Palmer had more respect and honour than any of those revolting people who jeered last night.

Here is a list of all those MPs who voted against giving a pay rise to our selfless emergency services.  If they have a Twitter account, I have included the link.  Feel free to copy the following picture and remind them just what they were voting for.  Demand an apology.  Hold these people to account.  They are meant to represent us – well that vote and those cheers don’t represent me!


C = Conservatives      DUP = DUP (obvs!)


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