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In 1985 a vicar from Kirton in Lindsey, Humberside, pleaded guilty to the indecent assault and gross indecency of a 15 year old boy.

Despite his guilty plea for a heinous crime, the Bishop of Lincoln, the Right Rev Simon Phipps, described Mark Brydges Kiddle as “an extremely diligent, imaginative and energetic priest” and told the court that Kiddle would eventually be given another parish.

This is a typical example of how the church has always dealt with it’s nonce clergy.  They simply move them on as if that will somehow rehabilitate them and stop them reoffending.  We know full well from Anthony McSweeney’s example that it doesn’t work like that.  A paedophile is a paedophile is a paedophile, it doesn’t matter what surroundings you put them in, and if you’ve ever seen the film ‘Spotlight‘ it reinforces this issue.

Kiddle Timeline:

  • 1963-66: St Luke, Scarborough – Curate
  • 1966-71: St Savior’s, Walthamstow – Curate
  • 1971-76: St Bede, Nelson, Lancs – Vicar
  • 1976-79: Perry Common, Birmingham – Vicar
  • 1979-84: Grayingham, Lincs – Rector
  • 1979-84: Kirton, Lincs – Vicar
  • 1979-84: Manton, Lincs – Rector
  • 1980: Lived in Warwick
  • 1985: Pleaded guilty to abusing a 15 year old boy and received a 15-month suspended sentence.
  • 1985-91: St Botolph, Aldgate w H Trin Minories, London – Honorary Curate
  • 1991-08: St Clement’s, Eastcheap w St Martin Orgar (used by a number of charities) – Honorary Curate

1991: Kiddle can be found at St Bartholemew The Great in Smithfields, London EC1, and in December of that same year he became involved in a charity called ‘Foundation for Public Service Interpreting‘ based near the Barbican in London, finishing as a Trustee.  It claimed to be ‘specialists in providing a interpretation service to the public sector’.

He also became company secretary/director to LL Shell Ltd until 1996.

1992-1993: Director of Caledonian Wharf Apartments Management Company Ltd.

June 1993: Rev Kiddle seemed to bag himself a cushy number.  According to church appointments listed in The Independent, he was made ‘Deputy Priest in Ordinary to HM The Queen‘.  However, there is no mention of this within Crockford’s Directory. It transpires that it was only because of the intervention of previous parishioners who highlighted Rev Kiddle’s conviction that stopped his appointment going ahead. A spokesperson admitted that proper checks had not been carried out and the responsibility for that fell with the person who recommended him for the position. Who was that person?

2000: He was at St Bride’s, EC4 – Fleet Street.

2003: He becomes company secretary for ‘Beyond Mind Ltd‘ which claimed to be some sort of further education outfit and ‘specialist medical services‘.  It was eventually struck off in 2015.

2009: Director for NLS Language Services Ltd.

Mar-July 2014: He becomes a director for Michael Voysey Theatre Ltd.

5 Feb 2015: He becomes a director for Michael Voysey Theatre Ltd.  Interestingly, according to company information sites, the name of this company was originally ‘Love Tag Greetings Ltd’ from 2014-2015.  Voysey worked for the BBC writing dramas for a number of years.  He died in 1984.

Rt Rev Simon Wilton Phipps:


Born in 1921, Phipps was a former Coldstream Guard who spent time as Aide-Du-Camp for his uncle who was General in India, Phipps was originally the chaplain of Trinity College, Cambridge where he became President of Footlights, before taking holy orders.

In 1970 he caused controversy after expressing his views on homosexuality.  He spoke in the House of Lords and General Synod, and also became a support/counsellor to Princess Margaret during her divorce from Captain Peter Townsend, often accompanying her to social occasions such as balls and hunts etc.  They had known each other for many years owing to the fact his father was usher to King George VI.

Article on ‘Princess Margaret’s Favourite Men’ (Phipps on right)
  • 1965-68: Honorary Canon of Coventry Cathedral.
  • 1968-75: Suffragan Bishop of Horsham, Sussex (Chichester diocese).
  • 1973: Married his wife, Mary, who was widowed following the death of her husband, James Welch, former head of religious broadcasting at the BBC.  The service was in Chichester.
  • 1975-1986 he became Bishop of Lincolnshire.
  • 1977: His home was burgled and a number of paintings were stolen.
  • 1986: Assistant Bishop of Chichester
  • 1986: Assistant Bishop of Southwark

He lived in Shipley, Sussex during his retirement, where he became an honorary assistant bishop and pastor to clergymen throughout the country until his death in 2001.

Lincolnshire and the General Synod:

In 2016, a man named David came forward to speak out about the abuse he suffered at the hands of Gordon Dawson, a landed farmer and well-connected member of society, who lived at Dalby House in Lincolnshire.

David at Dalby House

David recounts horrific incidents of abuse at the hands of Dawson, both in Lincolnshire and on weekend trips to London, where he was taken by Dawson to Dolphin Square and meetings of the General Synod.

In the evenings Dawson would take him to restaurants – most frequently to Motcombs, an upscale establishment in Belgravia – where a table of men would be waiting.

“He would tell me there were people there [at the table] who had big military careers, people from the church ­– he would say that some are from the Synod – and then [also] MPs. There always seemed to be a parliament connection. They’d always be talking about something that had come up that day in the House [of Commons].” David would be introduced to them but, still only 15, would never be told their names.

“He [Dawson] was very cut and dried about that. He would say, ‘You need to stop asking so many questions. You just need to remember these people are really important and you need to not tell anyone about this.’”

As they ate, Dawson would give David red wine, he says.

“Sometimes at the dinners there was someone else my age,” he says ­– boys accompanying other men there. They wouldn’t be sat together.

When David eventually reported his abuse, Dawson was tipped off by the police that he was about to be arrested and he subsequently committed suicide by shooting himself with one of his own guns.

Gordon Dawson

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With thanks to @Stuartmwrites on Twitter, who assisted with some of the research.  I’m always grateful for any assistance.

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  1. I am the person mentioned in the article.

    Currently have lawyers acting in my behalf against the Church particularly interested to hear how you found the information as my lawyers were unable to find documents from Lincolnshire police any assistance would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you in advance

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    1. Hi, All information was collected using newspaper archives, Crockfords and online company records. If you are looking for something in particular, please let me know using the ‘Contact Me’ option at the top of my blog and we can communicate via email. Regards


      1. If you could reply to my correct e mail it would be particularly useful as if other children were effected would like them to come forward and break their silence and send a message to the Church that they need to change and protect children.


  2. Sorry not sure if you received my amended e mail. Would like to ask a couple of questions in particular how you knew about the case given it was so long ago.

    Again many thanks.


  3. I was just wondering how you got on in your case against mark kiddle.This person was a pervert when he was at st Martin’s Perry common,birmingham.i hope you got your justice


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