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LONDON PAEDOPHILE RINGS – Operations & Who’s Who?

There were a number of large paedophile rings operating between the 1970s and 1990s in London and during my research it’s become very apparent that many of the people involved cross over or the conviction timings somehow coincide.

Here is an list of some of the operations, followed by an A-Z list of those individuals involved.  I will do separate posts taking a closer look at each one in due course.


  • 1971 – Prichodsky Pornography case (Prichodsky also went under the name of Novac).  Set up a company called ‘Tiger Studios’ and picked up young boys at Playland.  Hoped to advertise in Oz magazine.
  • 1972 – Leroy Jones ring – an American living in London, central to an ‘evil ring’ centered around arcade.
  • 1974 – Brian Johnson ring  – he was a child care officer working for Tower Hamlets council and was convicted in a case involving the photographing and abuse of young boys.
  • (1974 – The Maltese Syndicate: Organised crime vice syndicate in the West End although I am unsure if it involved underage children so haven’t included it).
  • 1975-77Op Playland – there was a number of separate trials relating to Playland and it was suggested that this helped to cover up the names of VIPs involved.
  • 1975 – Playland Glaswegian gang – recruited a number of girls to lure men in to alleyways before robbing them.  (No ages of girls stated, but as it came under the Playland hat, I’m working on the assumption it involved youngsters.) 
  • 1975 – Roger Gleaves hostel ring
  • 1975Victor Roachford vice ring, involved runaway girls
  • 1977 – David Calderhead ‘meat rack’ ring
  • 1979Islington Chauffeur ring
  • 1982 – London/Liverpool ring involving Playland members (Cohen and Raywood moved to Toxteth after release from their Playland sentence.)
  • 1985 – Islington Holland and Youatt
  • 1986 – Op Circus – Abraham Jacob, an Islington social worker, who ran the ‘meat rack’ in the West End.
  • 1986-88 – Victor Noicely vice ring.
  • 1986 – Dirty Dozen ring – Croydon police.
  • 1986-89 – Op Stranger – Joint investigation between Essex and Met Police in to the murders of Jason Swift and Barry Lewis.
  • 1987 – Alan Brent babysitting paedophile ring in East London – Brent knew most of the Dirty Dozen gang
  • 1987-89 – Op Hedgerow – Two rings connected (Kenneth Martin ring and Colin Peters ring)
  • 1989-91 – Op Orchid – Overarching investigation in to the murders of Jason Swift, Barry Lewis and Mark Tildsley with information being provided by Ian Gabb.
  • 1998 – Baden Powell paedophile ring.  Police believe the ring had been operating since the sixties.  They were still investigating ten other members when the original four were sent to trial.



  • ANDREW-COHEN, Basil: driver, nfa – P  LJ  LLR
  • ARCHER, David (AKA Ramsey): security guard, Odessa Road, Forest Gate – P  LJ  LLR
  • ASHBY, Ian: 38, Denzil Road, Harlesden – LJ
  • B(illegible), Maureen: 18, sent to borstal – PG
  • BAILEY, Leslie: Implicated in the murder of Jason Swift – S O
  • BALLANTYNE, Walter: 46, Islington – DD
  • BARRELL, Stephen: (aka Stephen Cutting) – Implicated in the murder of Jason Swift – S
  • BECKER, Roy Ronald Gilbert: 72, Clapton- B
  • BELL, Ian: – JR
  • BIDNEY, Harold: Bow, East London. Fined in 1977 for ‘meat rack’ prostitution in West End. CR
  • BOLGER, Samuel: chef, Aldershot Road, Ash – C
  • BRAITHWAITE, Douglas: died before trial – BP
  • BRENT, Alan John: 46, Clapton (aka John Alan Spicer & Andrew Spicer) – B
  • BROWN, Theodore Raymond John Mules: Kew – WR
  • BURNETT, Victor James: Acton already had a conviction alongside Delaney in 1981 – H
  • BYRNE, Colin: 18, lived with Ballantyne, Islington – DD
  • CALDERHEAD, David: The Beeches, Effingham Road, Lee Green. Jailed in 1977 for ‘meat rack’ prostitution in West End. CR
  • CHAMBERS, Anthony Cassel: ran a vice ring in Paddington alongside Noicely – NR
  • CLAPP, Cyril: Convicted alongside Brown and Cowell. P
  • COOKE, Sidney Charles: – DD S
  • COWELL, Walter Richard: maintenance engineer, Knightsbridge – ran a paedophile ring in Piccadilly in 1976. P
  • CRAMBE, Anthony: street trader, nfa.  Jailed in 1977 for ‘meat rack’ prostitution in West End. CR
  • DELANEY, Alan Herbert: Hounslow – already had a conviction alongside Burnett in 1981 – H-CP
  • DEVITT, Gerald: 21, sentenced to four years imprisonment – PG
  • EVANS, Peter: 19, Hackney – GR
  • FORTUNE, Ronald William: photographer for national press, Darrick Wood Road, Orpington – JR
  • GIBSON, David Andrew: chauffeur to Mayor of Islington – I
  • GLEAVES, Roger Charles Augustine: ‘Bishop of Medway’, ran a series of hostels where abuse took place.  Featured in the documentary ‘Johnny Go Home’ – GR
  • GODDARD, Alfred Leslie: 58, Father of Adam Ant, Victoria – DD
  • GOUGH, Edward: 28, decorator, Shoreditch/Islington, was arrested and charged over Jason Swift’s murder but received two years probation for assaulting Jason – O
  • HAEEMS, Simon: 35, Stoke Newington – DD
  • HICKMAN, Peter Frank: – JR
  • HOBBS, Frederick: 39, unemployed, Bayswater – LLR
  • HOLLAND, James Arthur: prolific paedophile – I
  • HORNBY, Charles: Lloyds underwriter, Montague Square, Marylebone – P
  • HOWARD-EDMUNDS, Brian: 60, Harlesden – H-MR
  • IRWIN, Samuel: – I
  • JACOB, Abraham: Social Worker, Islington, ran vice ring from Wimpy – C
  • JACOBS, George Wayne: scientist in American government, Elm Park Gardens, West Kensington – JR
  • JOHNSON, Brian Arthur: former approved school master, childcare officer for Tower Hamlets, Gladstone Road, Colchester – JR
  • JOHNSON, David: 20, Heaton Chapel – GR
  • JONES, Leroy, 38, referred to himself as ‘Dr’ but had no qualifications.  Aberdeen Place, St John’s Wood.  Recommended for deportation back to the US after sentence – LJ
  • KAY, Allan: 18, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment – PG
  • KAY, John: 17, sentenced to 3 years imprisonment – PG
  • KEARNS, Robert: 50, scout leader – BP
  • KIRBY, Gerald: newspaper seller, nfa. Jailed in 1977 for ‘meat rack’ prostitution in West End. CR
  • LEE, Peter, 38 – LLR
  • LEONARD, Derek: close friend of Robert Oliver.  Questioned by police but not charged.
  • MALCOLM, William Bruce: 1953-2000, related to Leslie Bailey.  Shot on his doorstep, which it is believed was over fears he was going to talk about ‘big names’ who were involved with Cooke.
  • MARTIN, Kenneth (AKA ‘the chestnut man’): 52, A hot chestnut seller who lived in Dansey Street, Soho – H-MR  P
  • MCDONALD, Donald: 20, sentenced to four years imprisonment – PG
  • MCMASTER, Agnes: 19, put on probation for two years – PG
  • MORRIS, Roy Alan: 21, mini cab driver – DD
  • MURCHIE, William: scoutmaster, Dagenham – acquitted – BP
  • NOICELY, Victor: streetname of ‘Viscious’, ran a vice ring in Paddington – NR
  • NORRIS, Patrick David: Willesden – H-CP
  • NORRIS, Patrick Joseph: father of Patrick D Norris, Willesden – H-CP
  • NORRIS, Sean: brother of Patrick – H-CP
  • NOVAC, Andrew (AKA Prichodsky) – see below
  • OLIVER, Robert: Hackney – S B
  • O’NEILL, Kenneth Edward: 22, North Common Road, Ealing – PPC
  • O’SULLIVAN, Fachton: Paddington. Jailed in 1977 for ‘meat rack’ prostitution in West End. CR
  • OWEN, Bryan: 62, Du Beauvoir – B
  • PAGE, Francis Lambert: – I
  • PAINE, Daniel: 33, Kentish Town – DD
  • PETERS, Colin: barrister – H-CP
  • PRICHODSKY, Andrew Michael Joseph (AKA Novac): 24, Telephonist/Mini cab controller, 35c Blakesley Avenue, Ealing/16 North Common Road, Ealing/Elm Court, Harrowby Street/Ash Court, Paddington – C  PPC  P
  • RAMSEY, David: (See David Archer)
  • RAYWOOD, Malcolm: Elgin Avenue, Maida Hill/Garrett Lane, Wandsworth.  (Eventually killed by Edward Hillhouse in 1992 in Islington) – P C  LLR
  • ROACHFORD, Victor: Elgin Avenue, Paddington, ran an underage vice ring in London
  • SMALLWOOD, Patrick: 22, Hackney – GR
  • SHEPPARDSON, Brian: 44, ran the Cockney Cafe in Commercial Road in 1982 – LLR
  • SMITH, Donald: (aka ‘Uncle’), chef, owned 36 Ashmead (where Jason Swift was killed). Rented a room to Robert Oliver & Lennie Smith – O
  • SMITH, Edmund: 39, warder, Hackney – GR
  • SMITH, Leonard William Gilchrist (aka ‘Lennie’ & ‘Mavis’): 23/8/1954- worked as a pimp trawling Victoria Station looking for runaways which he’d take to a safe house in Victoria.  The main HQ of the group was in Croydon.DD
  • SPRATT, Keith: 49, Cherry Road, Enfield, scoutmaster – BP
  • STEAD, John: 23, New Addington – DD
  • STOREY, Geoffrey: 43, Cabbell Street, Marylebone.  Acted as a tout picking up boys in amusement arcade in Leroy Jones ring. – LJ
  • TALBOT, Edward: 47, Luton – DD
  • THORNTON, John: 36, New Addington – DD
  • TUCK, Peter: 19, sentenced to four years imprisonment – PG
  • TURNER, Brian: (aka ‘Chickenmaster’), b: 1938 later infiltrated a breakaway scouts organisation called ‘UK Baden-Powell Scout Association’.  He was first in court in 1967 –  DD  BP
  • WADE, Norman Vincent: I
  • WARD, Dennis: 66, scout leader, Plymstock, Plymouth – BP
  • WELLINGS, Charles: 42, Stamford Hill – HMR
  • WILLIAMS, John Elwin: Willesden – H-CP
  • WHITTINGTON, Ernest Frank: Harlesden – H-CP
  • WOODHOUSE, David: street trader, East London. Jailed in 1977 for ‘meat rack’ prostitution in West End. CR
  • WOODLAND, Michael: 36, hostel supervisor, Hounslow. GR
  • YOUATT, John Devereux: sentenced to 5 years for abusing a boy in 1972, conspiracy to murder with James Holland, 1985. I

Further reading:

There is a great article on Byline by Cassandra Cogno on Playland Part 1: When protecting millionaires, titled and influential peadophile punters became paramount.

The Mayor of Islington’s chauffeur – Spotlight on Abuse


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