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I stumbled across a newspaper article from 1986 that reported that Rev John Hibberd, a 48 year old vicar of Whitton and chaplain of the Royal Military School, Kneller Hall, was to appear in court charged with child sexual abuse against two boys.  Call it intuition, but I decided to do a simple Google search, and lo and behold, it seems that Rev Hibberd has spent much of his adulthood abusing children and the church seemed to do very little about it, as per usual.

The police involved in his recent conviction are convinced there are many more victims and have asked for anyone with information to come forward.  I have provided a timeline – please look through it.



  • Jan 1938: Born, Hammersmith (m=Tully)
  • 1959: Took a scout group to Isle of Wight Pompey Chimes
  • 30 Sept 1967: Ordained in Chichester Cathedral by Bishop Roger Wilson (The Times)
  • 1967-1970: St Martin’s Church, West Drayton Get West London
  • St James’ Church, Gunnersbury Get West London
  • 1982: Passes advanced driving test Richmond & Twickenham Times
  • 1985-1986: St Philip & St James Church, Whitton & Chaplain of the Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall (Richmond & Twickenham Times)
  • May 1986: Appears in court on charges of sexual abuse against boys, 1985-6. (Richmond & Twickenham Times)
  • 1988: Joins the staff of the Diocese of London – Financial Secretary Get West London
  • 1991-1997: Director of The Society of Retreat Conductors Check Company
  • 1993: Begins spending weekends and holidays on the Isle of Wight. Island Echo
  • 1993: Becomes a volunteer at Isle of Wight Steam Railway. Pompey Chimes
  • 1996: Buys a bungalow in Lake, nr Sandown, Isle of Wight. On the Wight
  • 2000: Retires from the church and moves to Isle of Wight. Pompey Chimes
  • Worships at Church of the Good Shepherd.
  • British Legion
  • Committee member for the Isle of Wight Music, Dance & Drama Festival
  • Trustee of Royal Air Forces Association Isle of Wight branch Charities
  • 20 Feb 2013: Victim contacts police.
  • March 2014: Charged with six counts of abuse from 1967-1982.
  • 29 Oct 2014: Organised talk to Royal Victora Yacht Club Royal Victoria Yacht Club
  • 19 June 2015: Jailed for 7yrs, 2mths at Kingston Crown Court

Mother: Constance Rosa Tully 14/8/1914-2007

Father: Ernest C Hibberd m=1936, Hammersmith

  • 1959-1962 – Kathleen Avenue, Wembley constance ernest
  • 1991-97 – Parkdale Road, Southgate, London N11 2HB

1982: Richmond & Twickenham Times

When vicar John Hibberd of St James’, Gunnersbury looked around and took note of the numbers of careless drivers in the Chiswick area he thought he would set an example – Mr Hibberd has just passed his advanced test at the Institute of Advanced Motoring, Chiswick. “I was surprised by the bad driving locally and decided to take the test. I am hoping to challenge people to set up a better standard of motoring”, he commented.


8 May 1986: Richmond & Twickenham Times


The REV. John Hibberd, 48 year old vicar of Whitton and chaplain of the Royal Military School of Music at Kneller Hall is to appear at Richmond Magistrates Court on Monday charged with indecently assaulting two schoolboys.

Charges laid against the vicar allege that he committed the offences against a 13 year old boy between June 1st and June 30th, 1985, at the St Philip and St James Church, Whitton and against a nine year old boy at Kneller Road between February 1st and February 28th this year.

A married man with a family, the Rev. Hibberd was formerly in charge of St James’ Church, Gunnersbury which was closed down in January.


20 June 2015: Ex-vicar jailed for indecently assaulting young boys – Get West London

A former vicar, who indecently assaulted children who attended churches in west London, has been jailed for a total of seven years and two months.

John Charles Hibberd, 77, was found guilty of six counts of indecent assault against three young boys – the oldest allegation dating back to 1967 – and was jailed at Kingston Crown Court on Friday (June 19), following a trial in May at the same court, according to a Met Police statement.

Hibberd was a vicar and had worked for the Church of England in west London for many years. He retired to the Isle of Wight over 15 years ago and worked in churches and voluntary organisations on the island.

In February 2013, one victim contacted police to make a historical allegation of sexual abuse by Hibberd.

The victim lived in Chiswick with his family. He was taken to a local church; St James, Gunnesbury in Chiswick, by his mother from the ages of seven to eight, and attended until he was 12.

He became an alter boy and Hibberd targeted him for abuse, police said.

During the investigation, two other victims were identified and contacted by the police.

Another male victim disclosed that he attended the choir at St Martin’s Church, in West Drayton, in 1967 as a child and then went on to attend the school partnered with the church.

He used to attend confirmation classes, and went around six or seven times, where Hibberd sexually assaulted him, police said.

Another male victim came forward and disclosed that he attended the church choir at St Martins Church in West Drayton and went on to attend the school partnered with the church between 1969 and 1970.

There, police said, Hibberd attempted to sexually assault him.

Hibberd was arrested for all the allegations made to police and interviewed in the Isle of Wight. He categorically denied all the offences put to him – and refused to admit any wrongdoing against the victims.

In March last year, Hibberd was charged with six counts of indecent assault on a boy under 14, between 1967-1982.

Detective Constable Nikki Honey, of the Met’s Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: “Hibberd preyed on vulnerable young boys who didn’t really understand what was happening to them at the time.

“As in many cases of this nature, the victims did not complain, due to the fact that the assailant was a vicar. This coupled with the embarrassment, and the belief that they themselves would be in trouble.

“Hibberd retired from the church and moved to the Isle of Wight where he lived for 15 years. He remained active in the church and with voluntary organisations there.

“It is not inconceivable that he may have abused more boys and I would urge any other victims to contact the police via 101.



Isle of Wight Steam Railway (page 10)

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