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ENTERTAINMENT: Simon Cowell & Sinitta



It’s one of the great mysteries of the world.

Just how old is Sinitta?

And why is her age nearly always omitted from news articles?

Could her liaison with a famous man go some way to explaining why the mystery exists?

Some years ago, whilst talking with friends, we began discussing Sinitta, her age and her relationship with Simon Cowell.  When we started looking in to it, it became immediately apparent that something was amiss.  In later years, Sinitta has acquired five years on her age and in many media articles, her age is omitted altogether which is unusual as the press love to obsess over age and looks.

The great Truth Seeking Music Makers released a video on Youtube (if you don’t subscribe to their channel, please do – it’s extremely enlightening)!  This was about the Sinitta/Cowell relationship and its valid point had me looking at the age thing again.

Is Sinitta 5 years younger than her claims in recent years and, if so, is that done in order to protect Cowell because if her real age was printed, people would work out he was in a relationship with her whilst she was underage and would tarnish his hetro-king-of-tv image?

I simply want to establish if he was in a relationship with a young underage girl in the early 1980s and who has been manipulating the press over the past 15 years in order to cover up the facts?  Web page articles seem to be disappearing in to the ether so I am piecing together the articles to establish a timeline.


(From Daily Mirror, 26 November 2011):

At the time, Sinitta had recently started dating Cowell, and he was there for her like he always has been. Sinitta met the record company talent spotter in 1983 when she was almost 20 and he was 25. But when she “lost” five years off her age in interviews it meant they got together when she was 14 and sparked awkward questions.

Sinitta claimed in 2006 that their relationship had never been consummated. But when Cowell’s sexuality was questioned she simply changed her tune, saying: “We did have a proper physical relationship. I don’t know how this idea we didn’t has come about. We didn’t at first because I was underage, but later on, yes, absolutely.”

(I will include transcripts from articles at the end, just in case any more suddenly disappear!)



Sinitta Renet Malone was born on 19 October 1968 in Seattle, Washington to Miquel Brown, who starred on stage both in the US and UK.  Spending her first few years in foster care, Sinitta was unaware that she actually had a twin sister called Greta whom she was reunited with in the early eighties, just as her career was taking off.

As a youngster, Sinitta followed in her mother’s footsteps and trained in the arts whilst Miquel signed a contract with EMI in 1973 and in January 1977 she released a song by Pye titled ‘First Time Around‘ and seemed to have remained in the UK ever since.

  • (Aged 13): In 1981 she first appeared in the stage version of The Wiz and then Shock Treatment, which was released on Halloween 1981, just after her 13th birthday. LINK  She then headed over to the UK to pursue her career.
  • (Aged 13): Sinitta claims that she first met Simon Cowell at the Embassy Club in London’s Mayfair in 1982.
  • (Aged 14): On 24 December 1982, just after her 14th birthday, she appeared on the brand new C4 programme The Tube as a backing dancer for the group Imagination with a very erotic routine.
  • (Aged 14): In 1983, whilst still only 14, Sinitta joined the dance group  Hot Gossip – who were known for their skimpy costumes – and they released two singles ‘Break Me Into Little Pieces’ (see 2m 02) and ‘Don’t Beat Around the Bush’, both of which were released by Fanfare Records.  According to Cowell’s book, she was the first artist signed by Cowell and Fanfare.  That year she also appeared in the video for the Forrest single ‘Rock the Boat‘.  Sinitta has also stated that she first got together with Cowell in this year, which ties in with the record signings.
  • 1983-5**: It’s around this time that Cowell and Sinitta become an item and during an interview she gave to People in 2003 she refers to the moment Cowell first initiated sex with her but she said: “It didn’t feel right”.   She went on to say: “I don’t think he ever forgave me.  I was always trying to attract him but he never laid a hand on me again“.
  • (Aged 15): In 1984 Sinitta’s released her first solo single with Fanfare Records called ‘Cruising‘.  It failed to chart.  She also entered the ‘Song for Europe‘ competition (where the public votes for the song that UK would submit in to the Eurovision Song Contest).  Sinitta also claims to have first met her idol, David Essex this year.  They began an 18 month long affair.
  • (Aged 16): In June 1985 Sinitta appeared on stage in the show Mutiny! which was the brainchild of fellow co-star, David Essex.  Panned by critics, it didn’t last long. By this point, however, she had already begun a secret affair with 37 year old David Essex despite still dating Cowell, who she then dumped.  Essex had bought Sinitta a russian wedding ring from Cartier for her birthday.
  • (Aged 16): In July 1985 ‘So Macho’ is first released in July 1985 but fails to make much of an impact.
  • (Aged 16): 1985 – Sinitta’s relationship with David Essex ends and she gets back together with Simon Cowell.
  • (Aged 17): 1986 – So Macho is released for a third time and this time has chart success.
  • (Aged 18): 1987 – Stock Aitken & Waterman write and produce her next single, Toy Boy and it reaches number 4 in the UK charts.
  • (Aged 19): 1988 – She meets Brad Pitt at a promotional party for George Michael’s new album, Faith, and they begin a short relationship.
  • (Aged 32): In January 2001, Sinitta appeared in Luton Magistrate’s Court charged with failing to give a specimen after being stopped on suspicion of drink/driving.  She was cleared of the charges.  Her age was given as 32.
  • (Aged 34): On 1 February 2004, Sinitta gave an interview to the Sunday Mail in which she stated she was writing a book of her life entitled ‘Bops! The Original Pop Idol‘ but claimed Cowell had tried to prevent the publication of certain material.  She also spoke of her relationships with Cowell and Stefan King, who she claimed fought over her.

**In a later interview, when this was quoted back to her, Sinitta claims: “We did have a proper physical relationship.  I don’t know how this idea has come about.  We didn’t at first because I was underage; but later on, yes, absolutely“.

Sinitta and Simon Cowell


The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 21

Simon Phillip Cowell was born in 1959 in Lambeth, London.  His father was an executive at EMI and managed to get Simon a job in the mail room. In the early 1980s he left EMI and formed E&S Music with his former EMI boss but quit in 1983 and formed Fanfare Records with Iain Burton (co-founder of Hot Gossip).  Their first successful hit was ‘So Macho’ by Sinitta in 1986.

Now produces crap TV talent shows for the great unthinking audience.



So what do we know for sure?  Well, we know that some time between 1982-1985 and 1985-1988 she was in a relationship with Cowell and during this time she had an abortion suggesting that they HAD slept together at some point.  Presuming that she didn’t lie at her drink driving trial, her passport does have her true age on it as she claims and she WAS born in 1968 like her twin sister, then Sinitta began a relationship with Cowell somewhere between the ages of 14 and 16.  Whether it was consummated at that time is something only they know.



Daily Record, 13 February 1999

Pop star Sinitta yesterday said nightclub boss Stefan King ended their affair because she is black.
She told the Daily Record there were people close to him who did not approve of him going out with her.

But last night, King – who is fighting a racial discrimination sacking case – said he was horrified at the claim of the 80s singing star.

The Jewish businessman said their four-year affair ended after he refused to join the religious group she belonged to.

King owns a string of gay and straight pubs and clubs in Glasgow, including the award- winning Archaos club, Babaza, Nico’s Pub, Delmonica’s and the Polo Lounge.

He is fighting an employment tribunal raised by sacked door steward Jason Wotherspoon, 29, who claims he lost his job for ignoring a ban on the admission of Asian customers.

Last night, Sinitta was adamant colour was a factor in the ending of her relationship with Stefan.

She said: “The relationship ended because there were people close to him who did not approve of him dating a black girl.”

King yesterday said he was stunned by the claims and said the affair actually ended because of her religion. He added: “She met my parents and we had dinner together. She is very religious and I fully respect her for that.”

He said that she was very close to a pastor called Gerard, with whom she travelled to Australia on a fellowship trip.

He said: “Gerard did not approve of me because I wouldn’t change my religion for him.

“Sinitta and I had many discussions about this. I did meet him and try to talk it over. It’s a hugely important part of her life. Without his blessing she would do nothing.”

King, who has a Jewish mother and Catholic father, refused to go into detail about her religion or theirdifferences over it.

He said: “It’s hugely personal to her and I’m not comfortable going into it.

“It’s ridiculous to say the relationship ended because of her colour. I’m fully capable of making my own decisions.”

He admitted the relationship was a distant one as his business, King City Leisure Ltd, was in Glasgow and her career centred on London.

And he said it had been about a year since they last spoke.

King said: “Maybe she’s uncomfortable about the fact that she just recently announced she’s marrying a record producer.

“It’s very sad if this is what she said about me but the religion issue was the real reason. For some reason she must feel bad about the past but that’s her prerogative.”

Sinitta is now engaged to millionaire Simon Cowell.

The singer – whose full name is Sinitta Malone – said: “I have had a white boyfriend, Thomas Arkley, the Levi star, a black boyfriend, John Fashanu, and mixed ones.

“It has never caused a problem. I’m sorted out with my life now and I hope to marry Simon.

“When my mother gets back from her holidays next week we are going to choose a ring.”

Sinitta is American-born and is the daughter of Miquel Brown, who played the lead in the West End hit Bubbling Brown Sugar in the late 60s.

She had 10 hits – the best known of which, Toy Boy and So Macho, were based on her affair with a mixed- race boyfriend


The Mirror, 16 January 2001

EX-pop queen Sinitta was cleared in a drink-drive case yesterday after a court heard that medical problems made her scared of giving a blood sample.

She was stopped in her Mercedes at 2.25am after going to a birthday party with her fiance.

Sinitta, 32, says she had one glass of wine and a sip of champagne.

She gave a positive B-test and was “very unsteady” on her feet.

The born-again Christian told police she had to sing at church that day.

At a police station, she made a “very poor” attempt at a further B-test – then refused to give blood because of a recent operation and her chronic anaemia.

She told Luton magistrates, Beds: “I started to panic.” A doctor confirmed her medical condition.

The court acquitted her of failing to give a specimen, saying she had “reasonable grounds”.

Sinitta said later: “I am delighted. I didn’t want to start the year as an advert for drink-driving.”


Sunday Mail, 1 February 2004

POP star Sinitta revealed yesterday how ex-lovers Simon Cowell and Stefan King fought over her.

She said Pop Idol guru Cowell and King, owner of Scotland’s biggest nightclub empire, were jealous when she dated them both at the same time.

The sexy singer claimed they couldn’t stand each other, bickered over her attentions, and only referred to each other by crude and insulting nicknames.

Yet Sinitta, 35 who had hits with So Macho and Toy Boy said they were so similar they were ”virtually the same person”.

She had relationships with Cowell, 42, and King, 40, in the mid-1990s and was engaged to the Pop Idol millionaire for a short while.

Sinitta is now looking to publish her autobiography, Bops! The Original Pop Idol.

It will reveal her romance with movie hunk Brad Pitt and singer David Essex and her fling with controversial football star John Fashanu.

Now married to businessman Andrew Willner, 41, Sinitta said: ”I was seeing Stefan on and off for two years and Simon in between.

”Simon called Stefan an a******e and Stefan wasn’t very complimentary about him either. He usually used a word beginning with ‘w’. They disliked each other yet they had never even met. It was ridiculous.

”They share the same birthday and they are both control freaks.

”But they are also very funny and witty and enormous fun to be around.”

Sinitta said she told her former lovers about the book and Cowell tried to prevent the publication of certain material.

After talks with several publishers Sinitta is to finalise a deal next month. She added: ”I think Stefan and Simon will be irritated by the book but I hope they can laugh about it.

”Stefan is very, very private. He will probably kill me for saying all this.”

King’s relationship with Sinitta emerged when former bouncer Jason Wotherspoon accused him of operating a racist policy at his Archaos venue.

The club owner claimed his relationship with Sinitta proved he was not racist and was cleared after a case brought by the Commission for Racial Equality.



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