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SLEAZE AND CORRUPTION THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY Sleaze and corruption – it’s as old as the day is long.  Throughout history it has been used as leverage time and again.  It takes up column inches. Sleaze sells, and the newspapers love it… unless, of course, it involves them. You’ve heard of the Daniel Morgan… Continue reading SLEAZE & CORRUPTION – THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY

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SPECIAL APPEAL – SEPT 2017: London Fields Paedophile Ring

SPECIAL APPEAL LONDON FIELDS PAEDOPHILE RING   On Thursday 14th September 2017 the Hackney Gazette ran a story with an appeal regarding a paedophile ring that operated within the London Fields area of London: ‘Paedophile ring led by well-known figure abused London kids in 1970s and 1980s’ – by Sam Gelder, 14 September 2017 A… Continue reading SPECIAL APPEAL – SEPT 2017: London Fields Paedophile Ring

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LAMBETH: OPERATIONS TRAWLER & MIDDLETON: Blair Ministers & Lambeth Care Home Scandal

OPERATION TRAWLER & OPERATION MIDDLETON BLAIR MINISTERS & THE LAMBETH CARE HOME SCANDAL In 1998 a London detective, Clive Driscoll, was unexpectedly pulled off an investigation in to the abuse of children in Lambeth care homes following Tony Blair’s government receiving a brief that one name connected was a serving government minister.  Clive has both… Continue reading LAMBETH: OPERATIONS TRAWLER & MIDDLETON: Blair Ministers & Lambeth Care Home Scandal

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BEECHOLME SURVIVORS GROUP Having assisted this group behind the scenes, I thought I should do a quick blog post with relevant information and links. The group are making an appeal for anyone with any information on the abuse that occurred at Beecholme Children’s Home in Banstead, Surrey, to come forward and contact them. Links to… Continue reading BEECHOLME SURVIVORS GROUP

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HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell

DENBY, PROCTOR & POWELL THE FACTS After lengthy investigation and research, I am now happy to provide as much information as I can about the relationship between Jonathan Denby and Harvey Proctor as well as the articles regarding the serious incident in 1986 which left two policemen traumatised, one man dead and another serving 8… Continue reading HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell

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CLIFFORD LUTON EX-BBC REPORTER Clifford Luton was a BBC reporter for 15 years between the 1960s and 1970s.  Despite numerous court appearances charged with abusing children, the justice system never seemed to conclude a case against him and in one of the later trials, part of the case wasn’t heard in court.  I have my… Continue reading BBC: CLIFFORD LUTON: Ex-BBC Reporter

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BBC: Payola, A Brothel & The Simulated Rape Scene

BBC PAYOLA, A BROTHEL AND THE SIMULATED RAPE SCENE   Further from my previous post on the BBC Payola case featuring Janie Jones and her brothel for the rich and famous in London, some of the articles make for interesting – if not repulsive – reading. The BBC Payola scandal centred around a brothel in… Continue reading BBC: Payola, A Brothel & The Simulated Rape Scene