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MISSING OPERATION SCHOLAR RUTH WILSON (Updated 4th May 2018) On a cold November day in 1995, a 16-year old girl supposedly set off for Sixth Form, except this wasn’t a normal day.  Ruth Wilson was last seen by a taxi driver after he dropped her off at Box Hill later that afternoon. Who was Ruth,… Continue reading MISSING: OPERATION SCHOLAR: RUTH WILSON

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MURDER FILES LITTLE MISS NOBODY   In 1989 builders unearthed the skeletal remains in a garden in Cardiff, and so began five months of intensive detective work and groundbreaking tests that revolutionised the way forensics were used in murder cases.  Just who was ‘Little Miss Nobody’? CARDIFF, 7th DECEMBER 1989 Builders working at 29 Fitzhamond… Continue reading MURDER FILES: LITTLE MISS NOBODY

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MURDER FILES PAIGE CHIVERS On 23rd August 2007, a vulnerable 15 year old girl stuffed some belongings in two carrier bags and left home.   Police believe that within the following hours or days she was murdered. Her body has never been found but police managed to obtain convictions against two men in relation to her… Continue reading MURDER FILES: PAIGE CHIVERS

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PLAYLAND THE GUARDS ‘VICE RING’ According to Anthony Daly’s book in which he talks about the depravity he endured at the hands of the upper and lower classes of evil in London, 1975, he describes a number of occasions where he was forced to participate in sex acts with Grenadier Guards, both for a camera… Continue reading PLAYLAND: THE GUARDS ‘VICE RING’

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PLAYLAND: Secrets of a Forgotten Scandal – New book by Anthony Daly

Anthony Daly was just 20 years old when he decided to leave The Troubles in Derry and travel to England.  Little did he realise he would find himself in personal trouble and at the mercy of a number of nasty characters centred around the Playland arcade in Piccadilly.

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TRAFFICKING RINGS: Child Trafficking Ring, Surrey

TRAFFICKING RINGS CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING, SURREY In November 2017 a court case finally concluded and two people found themselves convicted of child exploitation following an investigation into a ring that was centered around North Surrey and West London. The trial began in February 2017 and the defendants were: Robert Carson, 17 – Ealing, London Diane… Continue reading TRAFFICKING RINGS: Child Trafficking Ring, Surrey