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APPEAL BY SURREY POLICE KINTON APPROVED SCHOOL WOKING, SURREY Surrey Police put out an appeal for anyone with information regarding child sexual abuse at Kinton Approved School in Woking to contact them. Hundreds of people have been contacted by police investigating allegations of child sex abuse at Kinton and so far 17 people have been… Continue reading APPEALS: KINTON APPROVED SCHOOL, WOKING, SURREY

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UNSOLVED MURDERS: Bulic Forsythe & the Lambeth Abuse

LAMBETH THE DEATH OF BULIC FORSYTHE Although I am predominantly going to focus on Bulic’s death in this blog post, I will also be briefly covering connected crimes against people who also worked for Lambeth council.  There are so many intertwining elements to this case – and Lambeth Council as a whole (that’s even disregarding… Continue reading UNSOLVED MURDERS: Bulic Forsythe & the Lambeth Abuse

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BEECHOLME SURVIVORS GROUP Having assisted this group behind the scenes, I thought I should do a quick blog post with relevant information and links. The group are making an appeal for anyone with any information on the abuse that occurred at Beecholme Children’s Home in Banstead, Surrey, to come forward and contact them. Links to… Continue reading BEECHOLME SURVIVORS GROUP

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REV JOHN CHARLES HIBBERD I stumbled across a newspaper article from 1986 that reported that Rev John Hibberd, a 48 year old vicar of Whitton and chaplain of the Royal Military School, Kneller Hall, was to appear in court charged with child sexual abuse against two boys.  Call it intuition, but I decided to do… Continue reading CHURCH PAEDOPHILES – Rev John Hibberd

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ASTON HALL HOSPITAL, DERBYSHIRE PROLIFIC ABUSE & EXPERIMENTATION ON CHILDREN   Aston Hall is a former stately home which was turned in to an auxiliary hospital during the First World War, before then being sold by the owners and becoming a state secure psychiatric hospital.  It housed adults but, unbeknownst to many local residents, also… Continue reading THE SECRETS OF ASTON HALL, DERBYSHIRE

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A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Liz Davies – Islington Survivors Network

LIZ DAVIES FORMER ISLINGTON SOCIAL WORKER Islington Survivors Network This week Liz gave an interview to Camden Community Radio and I have transcribed it here for your information.  Liz was also joined by two survivors – Jane – who spent her childhood in the care of Islington – and Jo, who was also in Islington… Continue reading A WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS: Liz Davies – Islington Survivors Network

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COLIN PETERS & ALASTAIR LAING COLIN PETERS Colin John Meredith Peters/John Meredith Colin Peters was born in Inverness, on 10 May 1943. He obviously had a privileged start in life having studied at Oxford and living in some very prestigious addresses over the years. Peters originally started out as a Foreign Office diplomat in 1966… Continue reading OPERATION HEDGEROW + COLIN PETERS & ALASTAIR LAING

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THE BEGINNING OF THE CHILD MIGRANT SCHEME “I will bring farmers here” As iiCSA has this week begun hearing testimony from former child migrants who endured such unbearable experiences and who illustrate the trauma and pain caused by such heinous actions, I will be writing a few posts here and there regarding the Child Migration… Continue reading CHILD MIGRANTS – THE BEGINNING

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‘Missing’ 114 child sex abuse files: Janner doc identified; abuse was widespread

Originally posted on UndercoverInfo:
Extract of Government document showing precise name and number of Greville Janner ‘missing’ file The ‘missing’ Greville Janner file regarding questions about child sex abuse has been identified from a 23 page archived Government document. This document (see image above) includes all 114 ‘missing’ files and states that the Janner file…