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PLAYLAND THE GUARDS ‘VICE RING’ According to Anthony Daly’s book in which he talks about the depravity he endured at the hands of the upper and lower classes of evil in London, 1975, he describes a number of occasions where he was forced to participate in sex acts with Grenadier Guards, both for a camera… Continue reading PLAYLAND: THE GUARDS ‘VICE RING’

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CLIFFORD LUTON EX-BBC REPORTER Clifford Luton was a BBC reporter for 15 years between the 1960s and 1970s.  Despite numerous court appearances charged with abusing children, the justice system never seemed to conclude a case against him and in one of the later trials, part of the case wasn’t heard in court.  I have my… Continue reading BBC: CLIFFORD LUTON: Ex-BBC Reporter

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TORY ELECTION EXPENSES AND THE USE OF AN UNEMPLOYED WOMAN TO POSE AS AN ACTIVIST Tory Electoral Fraud – this is a story that is set to run now the mainstream media have FINALLY picked up the baton from Channel 4 News and the Electoral Commission have released their findings. Yesterday I posted a blog which… Continue reading TORY ELECTORAL FRAUD: ALLEGATIONS THEY EMPLOYED ‘VOLUNTEERS’

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UNSOLVED CRIMES: The Mysterious Death of BILLY HOLLOWAY, 1962

WILLIAM HOLLOWAY 1951-1962 On 14 February 1962 two young friends from Hayes were playing on waste ground when they were approached by a strange man who claimed to be a private eye.  One of the boys, Billy, walked off with the man and subsequently disappeared.  The search for Billy took police as far as Southampton,… Continue reading UNSOLVED CRIMES: The Mysterious Death of BILLY HOLLOWAY, 1962

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HARVEY PROCTOR: The Life & Times of Harvey Proctor

Harvey Proctor – Is he the world’s unluckiest man? Keith Harvey Proctor seems to have spent most of his life walking under ladders, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, having black cats regularly walk across his path and spotting too many lone magpies. He is UNLUCKY to say the least. He claims that the… Continue reading HARVEY PROCTOR: The Life & Times of Harvey Proctor