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A child simply does not disappear in to thin air….. Yet that’s what seems to have happened in many cases.  Frustratingly, the police have sometimes dragged their heels in the crucial hours after many kids went missing and this has resulted in years of heartache for the families left behind. This is a chronological list… Continue reading CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN IN LONDON

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UNSOLVED CRIMES: Who killed schoolgirl JEANETTE BEARD, 1950?

Jeanette Patricia Beard 1935-1950 This is the story of the murder of Jeanette Patricia Beard, a 15 year old schoolgirl from Brixton, who, on a summer’s evening, was brutally murdered.  Her murder has never been solved.  I have gathered together as much evidence as I could find from numerous newspaper reports at the time so that… Continue reading UNSOLVED CRIMES: Who killed schoolgirl JEANETTE BEARD, 1950?