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MURDER FILES: Keighley Barton, 1985

THE MURDER OF KEIGHLEY BARTON AGED 14 11th AUGUST 1985 How a simple case of a possible runaway London teenager turned in to one of the country’s most complex murder cases without any physical evidence, and solved only by a hunch, a gamble and a remark. It’s also another shocking example of how the justice… Continue reading MURDER FILES: Keighley Barton, 1985

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KEITH VAZ HELPED A CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER – WHY? I have been looking in to Vaz for a few years now and I have to be honest, I simply don’t know where to start probing further because every story, every report, every Google search, every associate and every incident seems to lead down an unpleasant… Continue reading KEITH VAZ AND THE SORDID ELEMENT OF LEICESTER