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MISSING OPERATION SCHOLAR RUTH WILSON (Updated 4th May 2018) On a cold November day in 1995, a 16-year old girl supposedly set off for Sixth Form, except this wasn’t a normal day.  Ruth Wilson was last seen by a taxi driver after he dropped her off at Box Hill later that afternoon. Who was Ruth,… Continue reading MISSING: OPERATION SCHOLAR: RUTH WILSON

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TRAFFICKING RINGS: Child Trafficking Ring, Surrey

TRAFFICKING RINGS CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING RING, SURREY In November 2017 a court case finally concluded and two people found themselves convicted of child exploitation following an investigation into a ring that was centered around North Surrey and West London. The trial began in February 2017 and the defendants were: Robert Carson, 17 – Ealing, London Diane… Continue reading TRAFFICKING RINGS: Child Trafficking Ring, Surrey

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APPEAL BY SURREY POLICE KINTON APPROVED SCHOOL WOKING, SURREY Surrey Police put out an appeal for anyone with information regarding child sexual abuse at Kinton Approved School in Woking to contact them. Hundreds of people have been contacted by police investigating allegations of child sex abuse at Kinton and so far 17 people have been… Continue reading APPEALS: KINTON APPROVED SCHOOL, WOKING, SURREY

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BEECHOLME SURVIVORS GROUP Having assisted this group behind the scenes, I thought I should do a quick blog post with relevant information and links. The group are making an appeal for anyone with any information on the abuse that occurred at Beecholme Children’s Home in Banstead, Surrey, to come forward and contact them. Links to… Continue reading BEECHOLME SURVIVORS GROUP