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PLAYLAND: Secrets of a Forgotten Scandal – New book by Anthony Daly

Anthony Daly was just 20 years old when he decided to leave The Troubles in Derry and travel to England.  Little did he realise he would find himself in personal trouble and at the mercy of a number of nasty characters centred around the Playland arcade in Piccadilly.

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INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE ALLEGATIONS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE LINKED TO WESTMINSTER Following the Preliminary Hearing on 31st January 2018, I am providing a brief overview of those who have been given core participant status in this Westminster strand element of the inquiry, as well as those who were refused.  You can find… Continue reading INDEPENDENT INQUIRY INTO CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE: ALLEGATIONS LINKED TO WESTMINSTER

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THE PROFUMO SCANDAL AND THE STORY BEHIND IT – Original Sleaze, Corruption and Smears

THE PROFUMO SCANDAL AND THE STORY BEHIND IT ORIGINAL SLEAZE, CORRUPTION AND SMEARS Sleaze and corruption – it’s as old as the day is long.  Throughout history it has been used as leverage time and again.  It takes up column inches. Sleaze sells, and the newspapers love it… unless, of course, it involves them. You’ve… Continue reading THE PROFUMO SCANDAL AND THE STORY BEHIND IT – Original Sleaze, Corruption and Smears

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HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell

DENBY, PROCTOR & POWELL THE FACTS After lengthy investigation and research, I am now happy to provide as much information as I can about the relationship between Jonathan Denby and Harvey Proctor as well as the articles regarding the serious incident in 1986 which left two policemen traumatised, one man dead and another serving 8… Continue reading HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell

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LONDON PAEDOPHILE RINGS – Operations & Who’s Who?

There were a number of large paedophile rings operating between the 1970s and 1990s in London and during my research it’s become very apparent that many of the people involved cross over or the conviction timings somehow coincide. Here is an list of some of the operations, followed by an A-Z list of those individuals… Continue reading LONDON PAEDOPHILE RINGS – Operations & Who’s Who?

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POLICE OPERATIONS A-Z LIST Some are unnamed or names are redacted – taken from the list obtained by Cathy Fox (see link at the bottom of this post.) OP ALAMO: Norfolk Police: Investigation into Sheringham Court School during 1970s. OP ALTUS: Bedfordshire Police: 2015 Investigation into child sexual abuse. OP ASTER: IPCC: Investigation into police… Continue reading POLICE OPERATIONS: A-Z

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This blog post is in reference to Warwick Spinks and the very disturbing documentary called The Boy Business.  It can be found on YouTube and was made by Network First in 1997.  It follows the haunting claims made by a man called Edward who found himself mixed up in a world of repulsive paedophiles in… Continue reading OPERATION FRAMEWORK & THE BOY BUSINESS