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MISSING: The Disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra Pt2

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The Disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra – local press

Vishal Mehrotra

I discovered some news cuttings from local papers regarding the disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra in Putney on the day of the Royal Wedding on 29th July 1981.  I haven’t seen them before so thought I’d share as they give a good insight in to the police investigation at the time.  This post carries on from my previous one that sets out Vishal’s disappearance in much closer detail: The Disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra.

It’s also worth noting that the officers in charge of Operation Stranger and Operation Orchid felt that Vishal’s disappearance may have been connected to that of Jason Swift and Barry Lewis but were never able to find conclusive proof.

I am including the first cutting to show that there were very few street parties around, which goes some way to dismissing the view that he ran off to join one.

23 July 1981: The Herald: Wedding day work for many



6th August 1981 – The Herald: Missing boy – fears grow


13 August 1981 – The Herald: ‘Help Us’ – Police


20 August 1981 – The Herald: Medium helps hunt for boy


3 September 1981 – The Herald: Missing Boy: Hunt goes on


24 September 1981 – The Herald: Mother’s prayers for her lost son


31 December 1981 – The Herald: Five months later but hunt goes on for missing boy




4 March 1982 – The Herald: Tragic end to missing boy hunt – Skeleton mystery


18 March 1982 – The Herald: Vishal – police theory


8 April 1982 – The Herald: Vishal – new leads in murder hunt



8 April 1982 – The Herald: Vishal – hunt for clues goes on


Unrelated but interesting all the same, I must add that despite claims that Lennie Smith (Operation Orchid) died in the sex offenders unit in Nottingham, his death was actually registered in Petersfield where, it has been established, his father lived – as well where Vishal’s body was found.


4 thoughts on “MISSING: The Disappearance of Vishal Mehrotra Pt2

  1. The man with the Army Jacket, and had, could have been Dr Paul Morris, an Army Doctor based at Aldershot, but he also had a flat in London. He deserted from the Army after the Royal Wedding, and went to Berlin. There had been rumors about him when he was coaching a boys football team, but no complaints had been made. So why did he desert the Army. Aldershot is half an hours drive from where Vishal was found.

    His best friend visited him in Berlin, and took a boy from London to Berlin. This man knew Dr Morris for a long time, and both were from wales. This man was a geologist, and would have known where to find Marshland, which is where Vishal was found.

    That man was convicted of having sex with young boys, he used drugs, probably marijuana on the boys. A boy who looked like Vishal was reported by a witness, standing at the bottom of the stairs in Deodar Road, near the exit to Wandsworth Park. She noticed his teeth, which had not been broadcast at that point. She said he had both arms above his head, and he was looking at the sky. He was still doing the same five minutes later, but this time eating a chocolate bar. After leaving prison he went abroad, and was arrested for having sex with boys. On returning to the UK he was convicted of having sex with boys again in the UK. He may now be out of prison.

    Dr Paul Morris was arrested in Cypress by the Army in 1999, and brought back to Colchester Military Prison. Dr Paul Morris, 46, died on 20 December after being found unconscious in his cell. Morris, who was being held in military custody in Colchester on suspicion of involvement in a paedophile ring, was found dead in his cell on December 20.


  2. There was another sighting of Vishal two days after he disappeared getting on a 49 bus, just across the river from Chelsea. He asked for ‘Worlds End’. He was said to be wearing the same clothes that he disappeared in. He would have known the 49 bus, as it went past his school in Gloucester Road.

    Vishal’s friend said he did not always take the train home, and he may have went with another friend on the 49, remembering the name Worlds End. He would have got off the bus at Kings Road, turned left, walking towards worlds End, and maybe on to Fulham Broadway Station to get the train home to Putney.

    This would have taken him into a small area of Fulham that Martin Allen was last seen heading towards. Martin Allen was another boy, like Vishal, who also used Gloucester Road Station twice a day.


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