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ELM GUEST HOUSE: Newspaper Articles


Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last few years you cannot fail to have heard about Elm Guest House at 27 Rocks Lane, Barnes, SW13 0DB.


Elm Guest House was run by Haroon and Carole Kasir from approx 1977 until 1982, when it was raided by the police.


I will update this page to include much more indepth details about the case but for now, here are the local newspaper articles covering the raid and trial.  It’s been quite hard to gather sources like these as there was quite a large media blackout on the story due to the clientele that stayed there.

Interestingly the records from Land Registry only show the property ownership since 1986 – there is nothing beforehand. It is owned by a company, 27 Rocks Lane Ltd. It also states that there is a rear passageway.

Property details:


Pictures from recent sale of one of the flats at 27 Rocks Lane:




All pictures courtesy of Richmond & Twickenham Times Newspaper:


The following newspaper articles are all from The Richmond Herald:






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