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PIE: Paedophile Information Exchange

The truly vile group created by and for truly vile individuals.  It was founded in 1974 and disbanded in 1984 following public protest against their repugnant views.   Wikipedia: PIE

The group was affiliated to the National Council for Civil Liberties, whose members included Harriet HARMAN, Jack DROMEY and Patricia HEWITT.    Wikipedia: NCCL

Adrian FULFORD, now Lord Justice FULFORD was a key member of a support group that backed PIE members.  Source  As was another judge but now a Chief Coroner Peter THORNTON. Source

Here are the collated names of members found in newspaper articles etc. (Numbers in brackets relate to that person’s actual PIE membership number).


Douglas Slade

  • Leo ADAMSON    Source
  • Ralph ALDEN    Source
  • Paul ANDREWS (Treasurer)    Source
  • Gordon ANGLESEA
  • Robert ATKINSON    Source
  • Nigel BANKFORD
  • Nigel BEATMAN    Source
  • Dr Frits BERNARD    Source
  • Richard Maurice Clive BIGHAM    Source
  • David BLOOMFIELD (PAL)    Source
  • David BREMNER
  • Peter BREMNER aka Roger Nash    Source
  • Dr Edward BRONGERSMA    Source
  • Mickey BURBRIDGE    Source
  • Robert BUSHELL    Source
  • Ian CAMPBELL DUNN  (Co-founder)    Source
  • Lord Peter CARRINGTON
  • David CROOK
  • Barry CUTLER (Secretary & Treasurer)    Source
  • Michael DAGNALL    Source
  • Peter DEATHMAN    Source
  • Alan John DOGGETT    Source
  • Marc DUTROUX
  • Lee EDWARDS (Executive Committee Member)    Source
  • Nicholas FERGUSON
  • John FINNIN    Source
  • Dr Morris FRASER   Source
  • Mark FROST aka Andrew Tracey  Source
  • Roger GLEAVES
  • Denis GRAIN
  • Anthony GREEN    Source
  • David GREEN
  • Paul GREEN    Source
  • David GROVE aka Robin Brabban (Secretary & Treasurer)    Source
  • John HALL (PAL)    Source
  • Michael HANSON (Founding Member)    Source
  • Keith HARDING (329)    Source
  • Ian HARVEY    Source
  • Bernard HAUNCH    Source
  • Peter HAYMAN    Source
  • Clifford HINDLEY    Source
  • David HOOPER    Source
  • Keith HOSE (Chairman)    Source
  • Richard JAMES    Source
  • Michael JOHNSON    Source
  • David Arthur JOY (2)    Source
  • Stephen KING aka Stephen Gosling    Source
  • Roger LAWRENCE aka Martyn Simons    Source
  • Beat MEIER
  • Ian MELVILLE (PAL)    Source
  • Warren MIDDLETON aka John Parratt    Source
  • John MORRISON    Source
  • Charles NAPIER    Source
  • John NAPIER (114)
  • Den NICHOLS    Source
  • Thomas Victor O’CARROLL    Source
  • Charles OXLEY (infiltrated PIE undercover)    Source
  • Malcolm Osric PHILLIPS
  • Dr Kenneth PLUMMER (256)    Source
  • Nettie POLLARD (70)
  • Geoffrey PRIME    Source
  • Peter RIGHTON aka Paul Pelham (51)    Source
  • Jane RULE    Source
  • Rod RYALL
  • Andrew SADLER    Source
  • Jimmy SAVILE (666)    Source
  • Peter SAXON    Source
  • Christopher SKEAPING (PAL)    Source
  • Douglas SLADE (PAL)    Source
  • Steven Adrian SMITH aka Steven Freeman (Chairman)    Source
  • Keith SPENCE    Source
  • John D STAMFORD    Source
  • Michael John de Clere STUDDERT    Source
  • Brian TAYLOR    Source
  • Geoffrey TAYLOR    Source
  • William THORNEYCROFT    Source
  • Richard TRAVELL    Source
  • David WADE (Treasurer)    Source
  • Michael WALKER    Source
  • Terence WATERS    Source
  • Derry WEBSTER    Source
  • Michael WILLIAMS    Source
  • Tony ZALEWSKI    Source


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