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SPECIAL APPEAL – SEPT 2017: London Fields Paedophile Ring




On Thursday 14th September 2017 the Hackney Gazette ran a story with an appeal regarding a paedophile ring that operated within the London Fields area of London:

‘Paedophile ring led by well-known figure abused London kids in 1970s and 1980s’ – by Sam Gelder, 14 September 2017

A child abuse survivor who says she was raped and tortured by a well-known figure in London Fields is pleading with other victims to come forward.

The woman, who is now a successful academic, told the Gazette she was finally able to face up to the torment she suffered between 1973 and the early 1980s, and bring her attackers to justice.

She has turned to private investigator Mike Naughton to help her find other survivors and build a case she can take to police.  The woman says she knows of some victims who have declined to speak out.

“I’m a survivor and I know dozens of other children were abused,” she said.  “I know that it would be very frightening to come forward but they won’t be alone, they will be supported.

Initially it would just be a conversation – not about going to the police.

As we have seen with historic allegations, it’s more possible to speak about these things now and, from my perspective, actually having dealt with what happened was healing and liberating.  Having support to do that, and knowing I wasn’t alone, was essential.”

It was claimed the well-known figure led an organised paedophile ring who abused children in a house in the E8 area, as well as taking them to other locations in the UK as well as abroad and making them perform sex acts in front of a group.  The survivor told the Gazette she also remembers being forced to take LSD.

The woman added: “I had quite a serious breakdown when my daughter was born and I needed to get to a place where undertaking this investigation was possible.  I’ve been wanting to get them for a long time.”

PI Mr Naughton, who runs Cheshire firm Lewis Legal, is looking to speak to others who may have been abused by the same people.

For legal reasons, and to avoid compromising the investigation, the Gazette is unable to specify the name of the alleged abuser or the address where the abuse is said to have taken place.

Mr Naughton, who has worked on similar cases in the past, believes other victims would now be in their late 40s or early 50s.

“Like many victims of child sex abuse, my client chose not to disclose her allegations to the authorities,” he said.  “That was due to feelings of guilt and fear for her own safety, plus what many victims of child sex assault suffer – fears that it would be assumed that due to their age they were compliant in the actions.”

Anyone who believes they were a victim or witness to the abuse can contact Mr Naughton on


London Fields is an area of parkland that joins Hackney Central to the London Borough of Hackney.  Although ‘London Fields’ refers to the parkland, it also incorporates the surrounding neighbourhood too and falls within the E8 postcode which also covers Hackney Central, Dalston and part of Stoke Newington.



Were you one of the victims of this paedophile ring?  

Were you witness to their crimes?  

Perhaps you were a local reporter who had knowledge of what was going on?

Whatever format it may take, if you have any information at all you can either contact the private investigator on:

or if you’d prefer, you can contact the BeckRoadAlliance directly on Twitter

or their website

Their aim is to seek evidence from other survivors to help build a case.  You will not be alone and will be in touch with those who went through the same trauma you did.





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