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The Unsolved Murder of Patricia Morris

Hounslow Heath

18th June 1980


Patricia (Patsy) Morris

Patricia Joyce Morris was born on 10th January 1966 to Marjorie (nee Boxall) & George Morris – a former Corporal in the Coldstream Guards. She had a sister and two brothers.  Patsy (as she was known) was a 14 year old girl who lived with her family in Cygnet Avenue, Feltham.  She attended Feltham Comprehensive School in Browell’s Lane following the family’s move from Birmingham to London in 1979.


Monday 16th June 1980 was a stormy day, but despite the weather, Patsy bunked off school at lunchtime – something she had done a number of times before.


Witness 1 claims to have seen Patsy near her home in Cygnet Avenue around noon.

Witness 2 claims to have seen a girl matching Patsy’s description crouched at a bus stop near the Hussar pub on Staines Road by Hounslow Heath between 12:20pm-12:40pm.

The Search

Thirty police officers from Richmond, Twickenham and Chiswick, as well as volunteers and family searched for two days and a total of 600 statements were taken.  As the evening drew in on Wednesday 18th June, a police dog handler discovered Patsy’s body just ten yards from a path on Hounslow Heath.


Patsy’s body was lying face down in undergrowth.  Despite being clothed, the bottom half of her clothes had been pulled up over the top half.  Patsy (for reasons unknown) had been wearing two pairs of knickers and both pairs along with her tights, had been pulled down to her ankles.  Tights were used as a ligature to strangle her, whilst another pair bound her hands together.


The coroner concluded that Patsy had died of strangulation but, despite the way her clothing and body was found, there was absolutely no evidence of a sexual assault or rape.


The man in charge of the investigation was Det Chief Supt Michael Huins based at Feltham police station.  Just a day after Patsy’s body had been discovered, DCS Huins made an appeal for two people to come forward as potential witnesses. (There was no suggestion of their involvement).

Appeal 1: Went out to a pensioner who was thought to have lived in the Isleworth or Hounslow area and who was a keen fisherman.  It is understood he had been seen fishing the Thames near Richmond Lock in the early afternoon of the Monday Patsy disappeared, which also happened to be the first day of the fishing season.  The police were keen to speak to him to verify the movements of a suspect they had already been talking to.

Appeal 2: Went out to trace a scrambler-bike rider in his late teens, who was seen on the south side of the Heath by the Feltham to Twickenham railway line between 1pm and 2:45pm

Despite appeals, Patsy’s murder has never been solved.

Patsy (right) with her sister, Nicola (left).


Some of the most notorious killers have been questioned in relation to Patsy’s murder.  They include:

  • Levi Bellfield – It has recently been reported that Patsy was a girlfriend (albeit briefly) of Bellfield’s and that they both attended Feltham Comprehensive.  However, there are many conflicting reports about how he met Patsy.  He went on to murder and attempt to murder a number of women in SW London, including schoolgirl Milly Dowler. (See below)  The Morris family believe Bellfield was involved in Patsy’s murder.
  • Robert Black – Black was given multiple life sentences for the murders of Susan Maxwell (11), Caroline Hogg (5) and Sarah Harper (10).  He was also convicted of the kidnapping of Terese Thornhill (15).
  • Peter Tobin – Tobin has also been questioned over Patsy’s murder.  He was convicted of killing Angelika Kluk (23).  Patsy’s father, George, believes Tobin could have  murdered his daughter.
  • Peter Sutcliffe – The Yorkshire Ripper, who had apparently been staying in Alperton (just 12 miles away from the scene) at the time of Patsy’s murder.



Levi Bellfield

It has been widely report (with many inconsistencies) about Bellfield’s relationship with Patsy.

The police recently stated that Bellfield only joined Feltham Comprehensive AFTER Patsy’s death.  However, in the book ‘The Bus Stop Killer‘ by Geoffrey Wansell, and newspaper report, it is claimed that Patsy met Bellfield at Feltham Comprehensive in 1979.  I cannot confirm which is true but it is certain that Patsy and Levi lived very close to each other.

Patsy and her family had moved from Birmingham to Hounslow in 1979, which is at the point Patsy began to attend Feltham Comprehensive.  The school sat halfway between Bellfield’s home on the Oriel estate on the Hanworth/Feltham borders and Patsy’s home in Cygnet Avenue, Feltham.  Bellfield initially attended Rectory Secondary School in Hampton but eventually moved to Feltham Comprehensive.  He was an overweight ‘mummy’s boy’ who was bullied by just about everyone, according to a childhood friend.  Maybe Patsy , being the new girl, and the bullied Levi befriended each other because they were ‘outsiders’?  Who knows. All I do know is that their friendship became a brief relationship – Levi’s first – but Patsy’s family didn’t know until Bellfield’s conviction in 2008.

Shortly after Patsy’s murder, her father George received a strange and malicious telephone call from a young teenage boy.  The caller simply said “I’m going to kill you“.  George felt that the call could have come from Bellfield.

Bellfield was just 13 when he got his first conviction and thereafter lived a life of crime, violence and sexual predatory behaviour, as well as using a flat on the Oriel estate for drug dealing (which seems to be a recurring theme Get West London).  He extorted money and worked as an illegal wheel clamper, as well a club doorman at places such as the Royale nightclub, Uxbridge, and the Piano Lounge, Twickenham.  This position drew much attention from females and he took full advantage of it. He was found guilty of the murders of Amelie Delegrange and Marsha McDonnell as well as the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy having stalked them late at night whilst they travelled home on buses.  He verbally abused his victims relatives during the trial, gesticulating and swearing at them whilst sat in the dock.  Could this lack of remorse and his goading of the grieving families be a good reason to suspect George Morris was correct, and Bellfield was behind that phone call?  I suppose we’ll never know.

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