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HARVEY PROCTOR: Denby, Proctor & Powell



After lengthy investigation and research, I am now happy to provide as much information as I can about the relationship between Jonathan Denby and Harvey Proctor as well as the articles regarding the serious incident in 1986 which left two policemen traumatised, one man dead and another serving 8 years in prison.  This is done as a matter of public record – everything I provide here has been gained through public sources.  Many have assisted with the aim of showing a bigger picture and I’ve collated it and provided the platform to post it on their behalf, and for reasons that will become clear.

On behalf of myself and others, thanks go to EVERYONE who have helped by providing information.  No matter how small, it helped to build a bigger picture and we are extremely grateful.

Make yourself a cuppa and make yourself comfortable.  This is a mammoth post and there will be more to come covering other elements.



In case you are unaware of this individual, let me introduce you to the cousin of outspoken barrister, Barbara Hewson, (who, in 2013, appeared on Channel 4 news in a car crash interview to discuss an article she wrote regarding paedophile crime – despite not being a criminal barrister – and stating that the age of consent should be lowered to just 13 years old.)

Their uncle was Sir Richard Denby, who took over as President of the Law Society from Sir David Napley, and who raised Jonathan.  Jonathan (or Peter, as he liked to use when he appeared in court) has done many things in his life but you may know him now as either a man that appeared on a reality tv show as a Basil Fawlty-a-like, or helping “poor people”, or a gardener.  These personas are far removed from the Denby I will introduce you to.  He has the most colourful background.


Denby was born in 1948 in Yorkshire.  He attended York University where, in 1967, he became chairman of the university’s Conservative Association and Monday Club taking over from Harvey Proctor.  THEY HAVE KNOWN EACH OTHER FOR 50 YEARS.  He first made waves back in York University when his co-patriot Conservative students distanced themselves from him after he requested a suspension of student funds in an effort to halt the financial support for an overseas student who was running as an independent.

Upon graduating in 1970, Denby began working as an aide to the MP, Enoch Powell.  He and Proctor were STILL in touch with each other – this is documented in Proctor’s failed book where he talks about lunching with Denby.  Denby remained in post for three years until passing his university exams.

He then undertook a number of profitable deals with a man called David Whitworth, including one for the Russians selling cement to Saudi Arabia.  Whitworth becomes an important element to this story a little later on.

In July 1978 Denby had set up a partnership with two fellow solicitors – Robert Neal and Michael Lloyd.  ‘Lloyd, Denby Neal Solicitors’ were based in Camomile Street, London.  Denby seemed to specialise in marine litigation.

1983: Denby represented Proctor for the first time in his case against The Sunday People, who published an article claiming he had failed to correctly address Margaret Thatcher in the Commons.  Denby also assisted Whitworth to negotiate a deal between the East Germans and Blue Circle Industries in Aldermaston, Berkshire.  It was a contract worth $4.8m per annum.  Also in this year, Richard Denby was awarded a knighthood.

Unfortunately this is where things start to go wrong because Denby was investigated for accepting a £133,000 ‘secret commission’ (bribe) from Greek shipping by his clients, the Iranian State Shipping Lines and found guilty of doing so.  In scenes reminiscent of his behaviour at university, his partners distanced themselves from him.  He was dismissed and Lloyd Denby Neal was dissolved.

Denby then set up a business with Sir Richard Denby.  However, newspaper reports whilst he was on the run show that not only was he investigated over a bribe, he had also practiced for two years without a relevant certificate, which was due to “an administrative error”.

Denby and Proctor remain good friends.



  • June 1948 – Born, Keighley, West Yorkshire
  • Attended Rugby School
  • Spent a few months at University of Perugia, Italy
  • 1966 – Turned down by Oxford University.
  • 1967 – Chairman of York University’s Conservative Association & Monday Club (takes over from Harvey Proctor – this is where their friendship first began.)  He first made waves when his co-Conservative students distanced themselves from him after he requested a suspension of student funds in an effort to halt the financial support for an overseas student who was running as an independent.  Denby is quoted as saying: “To spend more than £250 of ratepayers’ money on a candidate who can expect no more than a handful of ratepayers’ votes is appalling.  This is unheard of and must not be allowed to continue“.  In short he attempted to manipulate a democratic electoral campaign by withholding funds.
  • 1970 – Graduates from University of York: Economics/Social History
  • 1970-1973 – Becomes an aide to Enoch Powell, based at Westminster.
  • Apr 1974 – Passes all five elements of Law Society Qualifying Exam.
  • Mid-1970s – Begins a number of profitable deals with David Whitworth including one for the Russians selling cement to Saudi Arabia.  (Whitworth will become an important element later on).
  • May 1977 – Passes 6 of 9 elements of Law Society Exam Part 2.
  • July 1977 Richard Denby becomes President of the Law Society, taking over from David Napley.
  • 3 Jul 1978 – Forms partnership with Robert Neal and Michael Lloyd – solicitors Lloyd Denby Neal, Ellerman House, 12-20 Camomile Street, London EC3.
  • 30 Jan 1980 – Richard Denby involved in a case against the Coal Board who want to mine in the Vale of Belvoir.
  • 13 Oct 1981 – Business was obviously doing well as an advertisement is placed for a trainee solicitor at Lloyd Denby Neal, 37 St Mary at Hill, London EC3.
  • 6 Feb 1982 – Richard Denby becomes chairman of Bradford & Bingley Building Society.  He is also chairman of Parkland Textiles (Holdings).
  • 18 Jan 1983 – Advertisment for two solicitors at Lloyd Denby Neal for ‘commercial and marine litigation’.
  • 22 Feb 1983 – Advertisement for solicitors at Lloyd Denby Neal for ‘Marine litigation’.
  • 1983 – Represents Proctor as his solicitor in a case against Sunday People who allege that Thatcher didn’t refer to Proctor as ‘My Right Honourable’ during a debate in the Commons.
  • 1983 – Denby assists David Whitworth to negotiate a deal for East Germans to sell 800,000 tons of cement a year to Blue Circle Industries of Aldermaston, Berkshire – Britain’s largest cement manufacturer. The contract was worth $4.8m a year.  Yes, that IS correct – selling cement to a cement manufacturer.  No, me neither….
  • June 1983 – Richard Denby is knighted in the Queen’s birthday honours.
  • 1984 – Iranian State Shipping Line & Greek Shipping resolve dispute via Denby. He receives £133,000 “secret commission” from Greek Shipping.
  • Feb 1984 – Denby once again represents Proctor as his solicitor in a libel case against Panorama following a programme entitled ‘Maggie’s Militant Tendancy’.
  • 1986 – Denby & Co – St Mary’s Hill, London
  • 18 March 1986 – Law Society begins investigation in to Denby after he allegedly accepted a large bribe from Greek Shipping after assisting them to resolve a dispute with Iranian State Shipping Line and subsequent dismissal by his six former partners and dissolution of Lloyd Denby Neal. The Law Society also announce he would be investigated for not holding a certificate to practice for two years.  Denby’s solicitor – Mr Michael Cook – states that it was due to an “administrative error”.  It is unclear whether he failed to hold a certificate at the time he represented Proctor in his action against Panorama.
  • March 1986 – Allegedly begins tailing David Whitworth of Bulk Cement Marketing International Ltd following the claims against him by his former partners.
  • 2 June 1986 – A blue Ford Sierra car is hired in the name of Corinne Laporte.
  • 3 June 1986 – After a member of the public notices a group of three men acting suspiciously in a car, two police officers turn up in Down Street, Mayfair.  Denby is questioned and he lies about where the car had come from and who had hired it.  After asking them three to get out of a car, two men become agitated and a gun is held at two police officers (PC Graeme Munro & PC Anthony Johnson), who are then handcuffed together before their police car keys are stolen. Denby drives a getaway car containing Callaghan brothers.
  • 4 June 1986 – Denby telephones his office and tells colleagues he is going abroad.  Proctor travels to Northern Ireland for a brief visit.  He describes Denby as ‘a close personal friend and I am very worried about him‘.
  • 5 June 1986 – Denby’s house in Canonbury Square, Islington is raided by members of the “Blue Beret” D11 firearms squad from the Met Police following suspicions that Denby was involved in terrorism or arms running.
  • 5 June 1986 – Corinne Laporte, 25, a waitress at Sonobe Japanese Restaurant, Piccaddilly, and daughter of a ‘French public notary’, is arrested and charged under Section 18 of the Firearms Act as she hired the car Denby was driving on 3rd.  
  • 7 June 1986 – Denby’s grey Jaguar car is blown up in Whitstable, Kent by bomb disposal experts when a publican alerted the police that it was there.
  • 7 June 1986 – James Callaghan telephones Denby’s office and demands £2,500 but Denby was out. When Denby is told, he instructs his secretaries to give Callaghan £500 cash in £10 notes at London Bridge Station so that the brothers could “go off-side”.
  • Sun 8 June 1986 – Denby telephones Harvey Proctor and leaves a message on his answer machine. It is reported he had also called an unknown friend.  He also turns up at Enoch Powell’s home and refuses to hand himself in, stating that he was in fear of his life.  He leaves before Powell then calls the police.
  • 9 June 1986 – Det Chief Supt Anthony Stevens holds a press conference and says that Denby’s homes in Canonbury Square, Islington and Dover, Kent have been searched and his passport seized. He refuses to name a person Denby has telephoned and says it appears Denby is somewhere in the South of England.  Stevens warns the public not to approach Denby, stating: “From the company he is apparently keeping, it would seem he could be dangerous.”  Denby is described as having ‘extreme right-wing views‘ according to The Guardian.
  • 11 June 1986 – Police deny reports that Denby had been issued with a second passport to enable him to move freely between rival countries in the Middle East.
  • 16 June 1986 – Corinne Laporte, 25, Portabello Road, Notting Hill appears at Bow Street Magistrates Court charged with conspiring to contravene the Firearms Act.  The poor woman, it seems, was caught up in something that wasn’t her doing.
  • 21 June 1986 – James Walsh of Kensal Rise, and Philip Callaghan of Bow, are arrested in dawn raids & held at Vine Police Station.  Following fingerprint identification, Walsh is identified as Philip’s brother, James Callaghan.  (They are described as ‘Irish’ in newspaper articles, but were actually both born in Derby). James is never seen in public again.
  • 23 June 1986 – Philip Callaghan appears in court accused of conspiracy and remanded in custody.
  • 29 Aug 1986 The Glasgow Herald reports that Strathclyde Police are now involved in the hunt for Denby after a number of sightings of him in the Glasgow area. Scotland Yard state that he has telephoned a number of friends and relatives whilst on the run.
  • 20 Oct 1986 – High Court rules that Denby must repay the bribe of £133,300, legal bills of £500,000, interest accruing on the bribe £55,024 and £60,000 to cover costs of the action taken by the Iranian State Shipping Line.  The Times reports that his former partners in Lloyd Denby Neal had ‘instigated the process of liquidating Denby’s assets, including his 4-bedroomed Canonbury Square home’.
  • 10 Nov 1986 The Times publishes it’s investigative report in to Denby’s alleged three month campaign of terror against former friend and business associate, David Whitworth, whilst desperate for money.  They claim that Denby had been tailing Whitworth (a former client, with whom a dispute arose after Denby negotiated a cement deal worth tens of millions of dollars involving Blue Circle Industries).  On the night of the incident, he had been tailing Whitworth and had parked two cars behind him in Down Street whilst Whitworth went to a club 50 metres away in Piccadilly.
  • 16 Dec 1986 – Sir Richard Denby dies.
  • 20 Feb 1987 – Service of Thanksgiving for Sir Richard Denby at Ilkley Parish Church.
  • 31 March 1987 – Nine months after his initial arrest, James Callaghan commits suicide in Wormwood Scrubs prison.  According to the coroner, it was due to hanging.  His death throws up all manner of questions, namely that despite one appearance in court when he was arrested and charged, he is never seen in public again – never appearing alongside his co-accused in court to face charges.  This matter itself requires further investigation.
  • 1 April 1987 – Sir Richard Denby’s will is published. He leaves £478,236 net.
  • April 1987 – Denby is arrested in Richmond, Yorkshire after someone recognises him following a BBC Crimewatch appeal.
  • 6 April 1987 – Philip Callaghan, Esk House, British Street, Bow, 31, unemployed appears on trial at Central Criminal Court charged with making threats to kill a police officer, stealing car keys and having a firearm or imitation firearm.
  • 9 April 1987 – Philip Callaghan is jailed for 8 years. The court hears how his fingerprints were found on a record sleeve in Denby’s house.  The judge refers to Callaghan as ‘a hired thug‘.  When led to the cells, Callaghan reportedly begins shouting.
  • 10 April 1987 – The Times reports on Callaghan’s conviction and refers to Denby as: ‘rumoured to have become involved in an operation to supply arms to “loyalist” extremists in Northern Ireland‘.
  • 27 April 1987 – Denby, 39, Westfields, nr Richmond, North Yorkshire appears at Bow Street Magistrate’s Court charged with robbing PC Anthony Johnson of his police car keys and is remanded in custody.
  • 5 May 1987 – Denby appears at Bow Street Magistrate’s Court further charged with possession of a firearm, threats to kill and driving an alleged criminal from the scene of a crime.
  • 8 July 1987 – Denby appears at Bow Street Magistrate’s Court and committed to trial with £250,000 bail on charges of having a firearm/imitation firearm with intent to commit an idictible offence, impeding an arrest and helping in the retention or removal of stolen keys. A charge of conspiring with others with intent to assault his former client, Mr David Whitworth, in Mayfair was dropped due to insufficient evidence.
  • 16 Dec 1987 – Announcement left in The Times personal pages “In Memoriam – Private: Denby – Sir Richard: In memory of the most honourable of men and the best of friends. Much missed by B.L.
  • 15 March 1988 – Denby appears at the Central Criminal Court on trial. Despite his plea of hardly knowing the brothers having met them in a wine bar, it transpired he had known the Callaghan brothers for some time as James was the boyfriend of a girl that worked in Denby’s office and fingerprints were found in his home.  He refers to James as ‘Jimmy’.  Denby claims that on the night in question, the three of them were going to a club together.
  • 22 March 1988 – Denby is sentenced to 6mths imprisonment for the charge of helping a gunman evade arrest. The jury acquit him of the more serious charges.  He is also fined £15,000 plus £1,000 towards prosecution costs.  He admitted going on the run as he was afraid that friends in prison of the Callaghan brothers would try and kill him.  He admits to arranging £500 to be paid to Philip Callaghan at London Bridge Station.  Scotland Yard’s serious crime squad state that they were investigating Denby’s business dealings.
  • 23 March 1988 The Times reports that Denby was raised by his uncle, Sir Richard Denby and “moved through public school, university and articles with ease”.
  • 14 Aug 2002 – Director & Secretary – Lakeside Inns Ltd
  • 15 Jan 1994 – Professional Examination I, Institute of Chartered Accountants – Denby, PJ, (KPMG Peat Marwick) London
  • 2003 – ‘Gold’ Best outdoor pool, SPARTA
  • 9 Jan 2004 – Director & Secretary – Riverside Hotel Kendal Ltd
  • 2 March 2004 – Director & Secretary – South Lakes Hotels Ltd
  • 2006 – ‘Silver’ Best indoor pool, SPARTA
  • 2005 – Wins £253,000 damages from Yorkshire Bank for mis-sold Hedge Fund.
  • 5 Sept 2007 – Director & Secretary – Northern Music (UK) Ltd
  • 2008 – ‘Gold’ Best indoor pool, SPARTA
  • 2009 – Wins ‘silver gilt’ at Hampton Court Flower Show
  • 2010 – Wins ‘silver’ at Chelsea Flower Show
  • 2 June 2010 – Director – Cuckoo Brow Ltd
  • 2010 – Appears on ‘How the Other Half Live’ on Channel 4
  • 2010 – Wins ‘bronze’ at Gardening World Cup
  • 2011 – The Hotel 6-part series on TV
  • 2013 – MA in Garden History, Buckingham University
  • 25 March 2015 – Director – EEK Wyke Hotel Ltd
  • 19 Oct 2015 – Director – Lakes Hospitality Association Ltd
  • 2015 onwards – DPhil in Economic & Social History, Oxford




































































And after all that, the final insult…..




Can I back up what I’ve put in this blog post?  Absolutely.  It’s all a matter of public record and that’s why I’m also publishing every single thing I’ve used to collate this information.  It’s also worth noting that the articles on Google Newspaper Archive have now been omitted when you attempt a name search, but are still visible if you browse by date.  I have provided these anyway.

You cannot be silenced for telling the truth or discussing something already in the public domain.  I’ll leave you to research and form your own conclusions as to why someone shows such malice towards survivors and their supporters and the strong connections to one of the accused in Operation Midland – so strong, in fact, Denby was visited and questioned by police working on Operation Midland in regards to Proctor.

Denby squatting in a field


There is no doubt that people will do their utmost to continue covering this up by getting this shut down, as has happened to other blogs with far less information than I have provided here.  I implore you to screenshot it and post it far and wide.  It’s on PUBLIC RECORD.  Don’t allow your FREEDOM OF SPEECH to be stifled by someone who has her own vindictive reasons to keep it quiet.

FURTHER READING: (He’s not shy to put his face in the public eye!)

Letter from Bee Carthew:

…could question him again.  This resulted in J being remanded until 8 July when, he says, he will either be freed (??) or sent for trial.  If the latter he could have to wait 6 or even 12 months (in gaol or on bail if he’s lucky) before coming to trial.  Although he’s putting a brave face on it, I think he dreads this.  He would probably be transferred to Brixton.

I asked J what he plans to do with the rest of his life if freed.  He told me he wouldn’t want to go back to the old life which he says he didn’t really enjoy.  He says he was happiest while (on the run) in Richmond, Yorkshire, having to work and had to earn his keep and he thinks he would go back to Yorkshire.  I got the impression that while he has some boodle tucked away he was unable to get at it while ‘on the run’, but will be ok if freed.  He is still in trouble with the Law Society but, he says, only because he abandoned his practice.  He is also in trouble with the Iranians – not his clients who, he says would help him if they could, but with the government because the government has virtually taken charge of the case (this is how I understood what he said).

…the prosecution and defence lawyers had “come to an agreement” that it would not be necessary to call Mr P as a witness!  J seemed to think E would be glad to learn this.  I must say I never imagined for a moment that they would want to call E.  Why, for heavens sake?

H is being hassled by a D Express reporter called Chris Hutchens.  H has persistently refused to give the man an interview, so he said “oh, well I will have no option but to put in a para to the effect that you are seriously ill and have become a recluse”.  What high standards of journalism we have these days!

I met Waddington the other day.  He’s a sharp little man and I had quite a chat with him.  She is rather nice and rather fein too.  Also Harry Greenway, whom I had met before and the awful Parkinson!  I have only seen him once before – about a year ago – and he has coarsened in looks quite amazingly since then.

Rumour has it that he is hitting the bottle and that is certainly what his face looks like.  I thought he was quite horrible.  All the stupid women were round him like flies round a jam pot.  Yuk!

There’s nobody there to be interested in now, absolutely nobody.  I shall have to give all my allegiance to Caspar Weinberger and Clive Worth!

Having a get together with George and seven others (conspirators all) at the Caledonian Club tomorrow night.  Devoutly hope that Sir Alf is not present.  Next time he compares Israel favourably with Britain in my hearing, I shall explode.

Hope you and Enoch have had a chance to recover a little from the exhaustions of the election and aftermath.  It was lovely to see you the other day.  You looked marvellous.

Heaps of love,



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