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BBC: Sex Offenders & Incidents Connected to the BBC


Here is a list of sex offenders connected to the BBC.  They continually keep popping up leaving me to conclude that the BBC was nothing but a magnet for depravity and nonces.


Just a brief note for any journalists or writers – please refrain from describing images of child sexual abuse as ‘child porn’.  It’s an archaic and offensive way to describe images of children being abused for others’ pleasure.

  1. BANKS, TERENCE: 2001BBC Floor manager and Queen’s verger
  2. BARLOW, PHILIP: 2016: (aka Alfie Banna), youth leader in Grace Bible Church, Saltford, appeared on BBC Radio Bristol.
  3. BARNARD, JOHN: 2015: Former teacher at Godolphin & Latymer School and musical director for BBC Radio 2’s Sunday Half Hour.
  4. BETHELL, BARRY: 2009: DJ at BBC Radio Kent.
  5. BRAMBELL, WILFRID: 2012: Actor in BBC’s ‘Steptoe and Son’.
  6. BRENNAND, ANDREW: 2010: BBC radio producer
  7. BREWER, MICHAEL: 2013: Lead BBC workshops for ‘Last Choir Standing‘.
  8. CATTELL, JOHN: 2016: Former Grange Hill & London’s Burning actor
  9. CHALKLEY, JAMES: Former BBC Eastenders actor
  10. CLARK, GORDON: 1997: Verger of Lancaster Priory – appeared on BBC’s ‘Songs of Praise‘.
  11. COOLING, ALISTER: 2009: Former ‘Castaway‘ contestant and Conservative aide to Boris Johnson.
  12. COUPER DAVIDSON, COLIN: 2016: BBC Sound Engineer.
  13. CROASDALE, PETER: 2009: BBC science producer.
  14. DAY, GRAHAM: 2013: Former BBC news editor and Salvation Army member.
  15. DEAN, PETER: Former actor on BBC’s ‘Eastenders’, met his second wife when he was 29 and she was 15 and babysitting for an acquaintance.
  16. DE’ATHE, WILFRED: Former producer. Allegations dropped against him.
  17. DEITCH, MARK: 2016: Former BBC Executive
  18. DENNING, CHRIS: numerous: Former BBC Radio 1 DJ.
  19. DIGBY, KHRISTIAN: 2010: Host of BBC’s ‘To Buy or Not To Buy‘.
  20. DORMAN, BERNARD: 2008: Actor in popular CBeebies programme, ‘Brum‘. (Still on Equity website)
  21. DOWNIE, GARY: 2013: Production Manager on BBC’s ‘Doctor Who‘.
  22. DRAY, CHRISTIAN: 2005: Set up Missing Persons Helpline, regular guest on BBC’s ‘Crimewatch‘ to help find young runaways, also former PA for Paul Gambaccini.
  23. DYMOND, KENNETH: 2016: Detective Constable who appeared on BBC’s ‘The Met – Policing London‘ series.
  24. EAMES, LUKE: 2015: Computer shop owner, appeared on CBBC’s ‘Newsbeat‘.
  25. EARLE, JOHN: 2017: BBC ‘Jackanory‘ presenter.
  26. EBBS, CHRISTOPHER: 2008: Choirmaster whose choirs appeared on BBC TV.
  27. EDWARDS, NIGEL: 2006: Former broadcaster with BBC Hereford & Worcester.
  28. EVERS, HUGH SIMON: 2011: Former headmaster of a Highgate junior school, and member of BBC’s Audience Council (which monitors broadcasting standards).
  30. FOSSEY, ALAN: 2006: Former BBC DJ.
  31. HALL, STUART: 2014: BBC Presenter on ‘It’s a Knockout‘.
  32. HARRIS, ROLF: 2014: Entertainer. Appeared on BBC’s ‘Animal Hospital‘ as well as numerous other shows.
  33. HARRIS, TAYLOR: 2016: Rapper was invited to Radio 1 by BBC despite conviction for abuse.
  34. HOPE, JONATHAN/STEVEN: 2014: Former RAF police officer and Football Agent who appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live
  35. JEFFRIES, HARRY/OWEN: 1994: Lured young boys with the promise of acting work on ‘Eastenders‘ via James Chalkley
  36. JENKINSON, DAMIAN: 2015: Runner-up in BBC ‘Young Gardener of the Year
  37. KING, JONATHAN: 2001: BBC Radio 1 DJ.  Jailed for his involvement in abuse at the Walton Hop.
  38. KING, ROBERT: 2009: Music director, orchestra conductor and BBC presenter.
  39. LANGHAM, CHRIS: 2007: BBC actor
  40. LUTON, CLIFFORD: 2014: BBC News reporter – case halted as he was deemed ‘unfit’
  41. MASSEY, RUPERT J: Showbiz lawyer who abused a boy actor from BBC’s ‘Grange Hill‘ plus others.  Massey went on to receive a payout for breach of his human rights.
  42. MCCULLOCH, DEREK: 2012: Voice of Larry the Lamb, BBC Radio’s Children’s Favourites.
  43. MCMURDO, CRAIG: 2014: Former BBC radio DJ
  44. NATHAN-TURNER, JOHN: 2013: Producer on BBC’s ‘Doctor Who‘.
  45. PALMER, JONATHAN: 2007: BBC radio adviser
  46. PEEL, JOHN: BBC radio DJ
  47. POND, ROGER: 1998: Former BBC Radio Kent DJ
  48. RAVEN, JAMES: 2004: BBC Undercover reporter tortured, sexually assaulted and killed a man in front of his kids.
  49. REED, REX: 1997: Former BBC Newsreader
  50. ROBINSON, DARREN: 2013: Appeared on BBC’s ‘Escape to the Country‘.
  51. ROWELL, PETER: 2012: BBC Radio Bristol
  52. RUDD, STUART: 2010:BBC Midlands Today’ computer expert.
  53. SAVILE, JIMMY: 2013: TV Personality, Radio 1 DJ, friend of the royals and politicians.
  54. SHEARER, DARREN: 2013: BBC Engineer
  55. SINCLAIR, NIVEN: BBC Chauffeur
  56. SMITH, DAVID: 2013: BBC Chauffeur
  57. SMITH, MARTYN: 2009: Former BBC sports producer on ‘Match of the Day’.
  58. SOUTER, MICHAEL: 2013: DJ, BBC Norfolk
  59. STARR, FREDDIE: 2012: Assaulted a girl when he appeared on BBC’s ‘Clunk Click‘ – Jimmy Savile BBC show.
  60. STEWART, ED ‘STEWPOT’: Met his wife when he was 34 and she was 13.
  61. STRACHAN, IAN: 1999: Children’s author and BBC TV Assistant Director.
  62. TERET, RAY: 2014: Former chauffeur of Jimmy Savile, and appeared with him on BBC’s ‘Top of the Pops‘.
  63. TRAVIS, DAVE LEE: 2014: BBC DJ
  64. TURNER, ROBERT: 2009: Former music teacher & extra on BBC’s ‘Eastenders‘.
  66. UNNAMED FOR LEGAL REASONS: Investigation in to allegations a BBC executive used his Amsterdam flat to film child abuse.
  67. WADSWORTH, TONY & JULIE: 2017: Former BBC radio presenters
  68. WEINER, NEIL: 2010: Assistant school caretaker and former BBC worker.
  69. WESTGAPH, LAURENCE: 2000: BBC TV and BBC Radio 4 broadcaster received a community order for ‘sex with an underage girl’.
  70. WILKINS, BENJAMIN: 2010: BBC Producer recorded sexual encounters using a secret camera hidden in a smoke alarm.
  71. WILLIS, MICHAEL: 2015: Radio 1 DJ (aka Steve Merike)

Not forgetting the BBC Payola ‘scandal’ and the depravity involved.  Although it ran for a while, nobody seemed overly concerned.


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