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The Coincidental World of Jeremy Hunt


Let’s talk about Jeremy Hunt (with a silent c) who today is one of the nation’s most despised politicians.

 Jeremy Richard Streynsham Hunt


Jeremy was born in 1966.  Before entering politics, he was a failed marmalade salesman.


In the 2005 general election Jeremy turned his back on the failing world of marmalade exportation and was elected as MP for South West Surrey after the previous MP, Virginia Bottomley, was made a life peeress.  Virginia and Jeremy just happen to be cousins.

Just-Call-Me-Dave Cameron must like marmalade, or maybe he was grateful for Jezza’s support in his bid to become leader of the Conservatives.  Either way, once elected, he rewarded Jeremy by making him Shadow Minister for Disabled People, (even though 11 years later Jezza turned his back on people with disabilities and voted to cut their benefits instead).

During this year he also wrote a policy pamphlet entitled Direct Democracy: An Agenda for a New Model Party.  Sadly he wasn’t referring to the kind of party where we all have fun – which maybe he should have done because

  1. his party sounds like an utter bore-fest; and
  2. democracy no longer applies in 2016 when he announced that he was IMPOSING a contract on junior doctors.

In November Jeremy gave his brother a loan for his company Peacock Blue Ltd. It went in to bust anyway.


Jeremy became Shadow Secretary of State for the Department of Culture Media & Sport and in September went on a paid trip for two to New York with money donated to his office by Mr John Lewis.  The main purpose of this trip was to meet with NewsCorp.

Soon after Jeremy’s return, James Murdoch visited the UK and told David Cameron that NewsCorp would be switching allegiance and would be supporting the Conservatives.  This whole murky issue was covered during the Levenson Inquiry and covered in this article from The Guardian.

Jeremy was put on the naughty step for his expenses.  He paid half back for which we must be grateful.



Following the general election and subsequent coalition, Jezza became a more important person and was now called Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media & Sport.  He just happened to employ the services of his former Parliamentary Assistant, Naomi Gummer.  There are two problems with this appointment:

  1. Civil Service recruitment must be done under fair and open competition; and
  2. Naomi just happened to be the daughter of Lord Chadlington (aka Peter Selwyn Gummer), who himself happened to be a former director of Hotcourses.


Lord Chadlington

Also during this year, Jeremy was forced to publicly apologise for claiming that fans were partly to blame for Hillsborough disaster, which was inexcusably ignorant considering the position he was holding at the time.


Jeremy was given the power to adjudicate over the takeover bid of BSkyB by NewsCorp which he just happened to happily wave through and had nothing whatsoever to do with his trip to New York in 2009.


Jeremy had managed to save himself £100,000 by the shifting of company assets.



  • Hotcourses Data Ltd 2003-2005
  • Hotcourses Ltd 1992-2009
  • Nyumbani UK & the Hotcourses Foundation 2004-2010
  • Heckler Ltd 1992-1997
  • Peacock Blue Ltd 2004-2005
  • Remone Ltd 2001-
  • Sheffield Data Services Ltd 2001-2005

One of Hotcourses main clients just happened to be the British Council.

In 2009 Hunt stated on his Register of Interests that Hotcourses Ltd had a 50% share in Sheffield Data Services Ltd and owned 100% of Schoolsnet Ltd.  I reblogged a great blog post by John Ward on this subject: hat4uk

Charles “Charlie” Roland Nicholas Hunt


Charlie is Jeremy’s younger brother.  He describes himself as an “entrepreneur”.


  • Coast Production Ltd 2005-2006
  • Gadgetron Ltd 2006-2007
  • Kbo Associates Ltd 2006-2006
  • Peacock Blue Ltd 1996-2004
  • Peaslake Free School Ltd 2012-2015
  • Sehsel Ltd 2005-2006
  • Soak & Sleep Holdings Ltd 2013-
  • Soak & Sleep Ltd 2009-

Even though Soak & Sleep Ltd was born from Charlie’s original company – Duvet & Pillow Warehouse – it seems DPW still exists in it’s own entity with companies:

  • Bed & Mattress Warehouse Ltd
  • Coast Production Ltd
  • Gadgetron Ltd

Sir Stuart Rose


Sir Stuart Rose is the former chairman of M&S.  It is said that he is very close to Just-Call-Me-Dave Cameron Huffington Post

18th November 2013

It was announced that Sir Stuart Rose (normally associated with M&S, Ocado and other famous names) had been appointed as Chairman of Soak & Sleep Ltd – an unknown, small company originally known as the Duvet & Pillow Warehouse.  An article in Retail Gazette all about the new venture fails to point out that the company belonged to Charlie Hunt – the brother of Cabinet minister, Jeremy.

14th February 2014

Jeremy Hunt announced that Sir Stuart would become a government adviser on failing NHS hospitals.  An article in the Daily Mail sings the praises of Jezza and Sir Stuart, but fails to mention that Sir Stuart was chairman of Jeremy’s brother’s company nor a close friend of Cameron.  Neither did Jeremy: Jeremy’s happy announcement!

17th September 2014

Sir Stuart was made a life peer.

November 2014

Jeremy comes under fire for refusing to release the details of Sir Stuart’s damning report on NHS management before the general election in May 2015. Link

February 2015

Sir Stuart joins forces with two other Tory-friendly businessmen and writes a damning piece for the Daily Mail attacking Labour leader, Ed Milliband.

October 2015

It’s announced that Sir Stuart was leading Cameron’s campaign to remain in Europe.


It’s now 2016 and at the time of writing this, Jezza is Secretary of State for the Department of Health and nobody likes him – especially junior doctors.  And me.

2 thoughts on “The Coincidental World of Jeremy Hunt

  1. Hunts 2009 trip to New York… Is that the one funded by the owner of the mysterious Groucho Club, with the paedophile image/video distribution network that operated on it, the same club that had mysterious hidden cameras installed?


  2. 13 April 2018. Jeremy Hunt has apologised after it was discovered he may have breached anti-money laundering law when he didn’t disclose the purchase of plush flats on England’s south coast. He has a 50% interest in Mare Pond Properties Limited.

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