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‘Missing’ 114 child sex abuse files: Janner doc identified; abuse was widespread


janner 1986 Extract of Government document showing precise name and number of Greville Janner ‘missing’ file

The ‘missing’ Greville Janner file regarding questions about child sex abuse has been identified from a 23 page archived Government document. This document (see image above) includes all 114 ‘missing’ files and states that the Janner file was code no. CRI 86 and entitled “PO37812/86 Greville Janner MP Re. Evidence in Child Abuse Cases”. The notes state that the file was ‘presumed transferred to the MOJ” [Ministry of Justice – i.e. to the DPP, who until June 1987 was Sir Michael Havers.]. The document lists the many MPs who raised questions about child sex abuse. What is clear, however, is that there were a significant number of child sex abuse cases – the files of which were all ‘lost’ or believed ‘missing’. A compilation of information from various sources – see below – shows that…

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