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This evening a number of people tweeted a link to a newly published online news article by The Telegraph but within minutes the article had disappeared and an error message left in its place.  Luckily someone had the gumption to screenshot the first part of it (see below).

The article claimed that speaker, John Bercow, has granted more urgent parliamentary questions to Keith Vaz than any other backbencher.  The article also questions the motivation behind this in light of the fact it has recently surfaced (following The Times FOI request) that Bercow has accepted £41,000 donations from a number of Vaz associates.  Vaz has been allowed almost twice the amount of urgent questions than any other backbencher.

Is there any truth behind this?  Why was it pulled so quickly?  The political knives are out for Bercow at the moment but sadly the Vaz element is taking a slight backseat as the journalists skirt around the periphery but fail to fully investigate Vaz and the more indepth nature of his relationship with Bercow.

That aside, here is part of the article The Telegraph suddenly became so shy about.  Are Carter Ruck working overtime this weekend?  Perhaps they are gunning for Ben Riley-Smith now, following the Andrew Pierce furore this week?

Let’s also not forget the recent FOI requests that Bercow has intervened on to prevent answer regarding Vaz.  All very odd….


The disappearing article – now you see it, now you don’t….



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